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November Snapshot (1) with GT Studios Photography – What happened to October!

Welcome to the GT Studios Monthly Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings.


I started my last snapshot by saying that Spring had finally arrived – well I have decided that we no longer have the perfect season but four seasons in a week and sometimes in a day – as I write this (on the 21st of November – only  9 days out from Summer) I am listening to pouring rain and howling winds. The great thing about that is no matter what the weather we don’t let it stop us giving you the best photo experience possible! I no longer look at the forecast but adapt to the conditions on the day – we often end up with the most amazing variety of photos – my new moto I think will be – go with the flow!

Face of October

Each month this year we have held a Face of the Month Competition but for October our focus was entirely given to our Fundraising effort for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Instead of having one person feature predominantly we followed the Frocktober themes. More on this later…..


Our clients have been busy getting themselves seen in more places than our web page, Facebook and Instagram accounts! We have had our photos featured in Madison Fashion Magazine November Top 25, The Face Issue Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Congratulations to Zoe for making Top 25, congratulations to Alexia,  Mackenzie, Makenzie, Jemma and Zoe for featuring in the Face Issue.

Once again we were spotted by Faces Magazine, this time with Hannah’s photo being featured on the European (Swiss) Fashion Magazines Web site! We are very excited and grateful to Faces Magazine FacesBeauty for the feature. Congratulations Hannah! You can vote for Hannah here but hurry – only until November 23rd.

Hannah and Maddy

I would like to congratulate both of these amazing Ambassadors who have now signed with Finesse Model Agency. We are so proud of them and wish them well in their modelling career. We like to see our clients and ambassadors as part of the GT Studios Family so to have watched the confidence and skills of these girls grow so fast through this year has been such a treat. Well done girls! All of our Ambassadors have done so well this year. The Ambassador programme has been so much more then we hoped for!


By mid-September our Frocktober preparations were in full swing. One of the first people I asked to be involved was the lovely Emma Schulz from Elouise Designs. A first year Fashion Design Student at Adelaide Uni, I first discovered Emma on Instagram. Something about the way she designed, wrote about her work and studies peaked my interest and I knew she was the designer I wanted to highlight on our Fundraising journey. So, one evening, while waiting for Graham’s flight to land from an interstate business trip I decided it was now or never……. The rest is history as they say! Emma is a delightful young girl with a bright future – she has a young, fresh, range of clothes which was exactly what I was hoping for. She also hopes to do costume design and I hope we have an ongoing relationship between her amazing couture skills, Graham’s photography and my creativity we might be able to give you some amazing fantasy experiences next year!

We arranged a meeting to see Emma’s range and we did a photo shoot with Emma which was fantastic! Unfortunately we found out that Emma could not be at our Fundraiser Event as it was her sister’s wedding day!!!! I understood if Emma wanted to pull out but she continued to support us and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation throughout October with posts on her Instagram too!

We also had an awesome Ambassador day where the girls (and their parents) put in an afternoon of planning at our place and then lots more of their own time to help prepare for the day.

With posters up, venues booked, it was down to the runway, music and dance prep – the girls loved choosing dresses to wear and as well as wearing the range from Elousie Designs we were very grateful for the generous donation from Rasheedah at Chicque Boutique who loaned us a huge range of clothes to wear on the day!

A dress fitting there and a dress rehearsal and we were just about ready. We opened the runway event to past clients and the general public and we were so happy to see some of our previous girls return for a fun day that raised money for such a great cause. I think we saw some models in the making too!!!

A massive thank you to Melissa Sandercock who gave a very educational talk about the signs and risks related to Ovarian Cancer – Melissa was able to dispel some common myths and reinforce some truths. Lots of positive feedback so if only one person seeks medical advice early enough then it was a worthwhile venture!

I have so many people to thank, the Gawler Uniting Church gave us the Hall Hire at an amazing rate – everyone who donated to the prizes, Hissey Electrical, Silhouette Hair and Beauty, Brereton Jewellers, Tanunda Hair and Beauty, Gawler Academy of Dance for their dancers, many private donations too – both in donating money, items and volunteering their time  – thank you thank you thank you! Our wonderful Ambassadors and their families gave so much time and money to this event – so grateful! Clients, friends and family – thank you!

We raised $1635 – a lot of hard work from a lot of people – thank you to everyone who donated on the day and on our My Cause page.  The person with the largest donation on our My Cause page won a free photo experience and they will be contacted shortly!!!

For a look at the Frocktober Fashions you can check out our Instagram feed – we continued the theme at our Runway event too. A serious cause but lots of fun!

If you would like more information about any of the information in today’s snapshot please contact me. We also have some gorgeous new products available for a limited time – Christmas printing deadlines are approaching rapidly so please don’t leave it to the last moment!

Keep an eye out for our next Snapshot in the next few days!!!!!

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Life’s Memories – Karen

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August Snapshot – GT Studios Photography

A snapshot with a difference today

I did a google search today for Adelaide Photography Studio teen and tween (as you do!) – to my delight we were ranked second on the first page – I believe this is due to our hard work and dedication to our clients and the fabulous effort that our gorgeous Ambassadors and their parents  do in return. We have built a caring community in an often harsh environment. We have come a long way in the last few years since we chose to make this our life!

I have decided you need to know what really makes us tick so here are a few words from my heart – to yours – about why we do what we do…..

Do what you Love – Love what you Do

Whether it's in the studio, or on location, we take the same care to make sure that every detail is prepared. This teen photo experience had flowers arranged by GT Studio's own flower arranger.

Whether it’s in the studio, or on location, we take the same care to make sure that every detail is prepared. This teen photo experience had flowers arranged by GT Studio’s own flower arranger.


Do you ever wonder why you get up in the morning?

I’m sure we have all had days where we wondered what it would be like if we followed our dream instead of doing what we thought we were expected to do.

Graham and I have always loved photography – over the years it has gone from being a hobby to a major interest to a passion and now a living.

It was at the point that it became a passion that we knew we had some major decisions to make in our life.

An obvious connection between our subject and photographer at this teen photo experience at GT Studios.

An obvious connection between our subject and photographer at this teen photo experience at GT Studios.

We had been taking photographs for family and friends but circumstances were changing and we were starting to charge for our time. This was a huge step for us – filled with self-doubt we took that leap of faith and set up our business, GT Studios Photography was born. Well, we were not bowled over by customers rushing in however we worked hard to make a name for ourselves.

Dance is a favourite subject for GT Studios, and this little tween enjoyed her dance in the park.

Dance is a favourite subject for GT Studios, and this little tween enjoyed her dance in the park.

We didn’t want to be like every other photographer in the area – we wanted to offer something different. We started by providing a service for anybody who needed a photographer – any style, any genre – we would do it. We soon realised this was no more fulfilling than working in a job that you don’t have passion for. We needed to find the area that we loved to photograph.

To celebrate a milestone in a teen or tween's life, it's a privilege for GT Studios to be a part of this unique experience - such as this ballet dancer's graduation to pointe shoes.

To celebrate a milestone in a teen or tween’s life, it’s a privilege for GT Studios to be a part of this unique experience – such as this ballet dancer’s graduation to pointe shoes.

Over the years we have refined our skills and now we provide a very specific service for a small niche group.   That epiphany came after a Family Photo Experience – it was an amazing day – a beautiful Mum, terrific Dad, the cutest little boy and the sweetest little girl. We offered to give the little girl a Princess Photo Experience after her Family Session.

Dad and little brother went to the playground and it was then that the magic truly began for us. This little girl had been amazing during her family session but she was extraordinary as we totally dedicated our skill and attention to her. We saw a depth in her eyes, an understanding in her expression and a gratefulness in her heart.

A depth in her eyes - an understanding in her expression - and a gratefulness in her heart.

A depth in her eyes – an understanding in her expression – and a gratefulness in her heart.

After the family left we were eager to review the images – hoping that the emotion we felt was not just the electricity in the room but it would translate through to the images and then on to the final prints. We were not disappointed. As we sat together, reviewing each image we were brought to tears – we had found our calling. We both knew at that moment that we were meant to do what we had done that afternoon!

Raw emotion shows through in this teen photo experience at GT Studios,

Raw emotion shows through in this teen photo experience at GT Studios,

Over the last few years we have refined our craft and now offer many different photo experiences – we offer a pre-session consultation so that we can ensure each girl has a unique photo experience designed around her own personality. Yes – we do have a signature style and so many of our clients fit in to that category which we love but our goal is to find the true essence in the eyes of our girls as we photograph them so that moment can be cherished forever.

Are we still brought to tears when we review our images at the end of a photo session? Oh yes – if we don’t feel a raw emotion at the end of the day then we are not doing our job. Every photo experience should be one full of emotion – we laugh, we have fun, we get the best out of our girls, we build them up, we encourage them, we build their self-confidence and self-esteem. They go home exhausted and we are exhausted but we can guarantee that they will have had a day that they will talk about for weeks and remember for years to come!

We try to surround them with a world of positivity for the time they are with us – take them away from the stress of their studies, peers, work – whatever it might be that causes them discomfort.

We take time to get to know our teens and tweens making sure they are relaxed and comfortable on the day of their photo shoot. If this means learning about how they make Slime then teach me!

We take time to get to know our teens and tweens making sure they are relaxed and comfortable on the day of their photo shoot. If this means learning about how they make Slime then teach me!

Within two weeks we will review the images and then select the top 100 to present at a review and select session. This time it is our girl and her family’s time to feel the raw emotion that comes from seeing images of a girl who became transformed in a way they didn’t think possible. As they sit in the darkened theatre and watch the slide show the room is filled with gasps of oohs and aahhs – and some laughs too – we keep it real! By this stage we have had at least two face to face meetings and several more phone, emails, PM’s or DM’s so we know what sort of image to present! We feel that we begin as strangers but over the journey we become more like friends. It’s important to build a trust with your photographer. If it’s done properly – this should be someone you come back to for all those important milestones in life!

Has this tween had a sugar overdose at her GT Studios photo experience? No - but she's having a great time! We could see her confidence & self esteem grow as the day went on.

Has this tween had a sugar overdose at her GT Studios photo experience? No – but she’s having a great time! We could see her confidence & self esteem grow as the day went on.

If our hearts speak to your heart today or you think we could help someone you know please drop me an email with your contact details and I will happily give you a call

Capturing LIfe’s Moments, Creating Memories

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Ambassador Day

June Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

This Month:

Welcome to the GT Studios Monthly Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings.

Four of our Ambassadors reading their Madison Fashion Magazines!

This month has seen the launch of new products, the announcement of our Ambassadors and also a little more talk about the Click, and an amazing ambassadors get together at Just Desserts in Gawler. A Winter themed Photo Experience, a Model for a Day Photo Experience, A Model Portfolio Update session, lots of Reveal and Select sessions just to name a few of the things that have been keeping us busy!
Face of July

Mackenzie – Our Face of July!


I had planned to chat about a lot of things this month but have looked at the date and realised if I don’t publish this today it won’t be the June Newsletter!! Plenty to talk about next month!


We have had an amazing month – I hope you have also!

  • The Face of June

For our Face of June we planned a Birthday Photo Experience and we had lots of applications.

Face of June - not one but three

Face of June – not one but three

The Face of the Month for June was not one face but three – the winner and her two besties had to have birthdays in the next couple of months and we were very excited to have three delightful young girls here for an amazing photo experience on the 6th of May. Think birthday cake, balloons, pink, bubbles, party dresses and lots of sweet party food! I think you can probably get the picture –

Birthday Photo Experience

Birthday Photo Experience – why not book your session today

We have already showcased images on Instagram but here are just a few in case you missed them!
Balloons, Candles and Cake!

Balloons, Candles and Cake!

If this looks like fun and the sort of thing you or someone you know would like to do for their birthday give me a call. We can tailor the experience specifically to the birthday girl and her besties –

Golden Hour

Golden Hour – we are always happy to add this to your Birthday Experience

A no frills party investment will get you the basics including some party food balloons and bubbles with an option to purchase framed images after the event through to the top of the range where you can enjoy a cake smash and a party goodies bag for the birthday guests and birthday girl with a Party Photo Package specifically designed for you and your guests.

We also have a no expenses spared package which includes a gorgeous Matte Art Birthday Album. The album will be hand made in our Pro printers lab here in Adelaide – where they will pay attention to every detail. It is a luxurious gift to give which will keep the birthday girls memories alive for a life time!

This one really takes the cake!

This one really takes the cake! Why should one year olds have all the fun!



National Publications and Work

Oh my goodness – We have done it again!!!!! This time we have 5 of our girls – Hannah, Jemma, Jordan, Maddy and Miki featured in Issue 10 of Madison Fashion Magazine and 1, Courtney, featured in Issue 11. Congratulations again to Graham on the beautiful photography and of course our congratulations go to our 6 beautiful girls that have been featured.

We are also very excited about one of our adult clients Janice who recently came to us for a Model Portfolio. She is now registered with RMT Model Management and has already landed herself some work – Congratulations Janice! May this be just the beginning of a rewarding career for you!

Congratulations Janice!

Congratulations Janice!

More Next Month

That’s all I have time to chat about this month – we have been super busy with photo experiences in June and planning some really exciting photo experiences coming up in July – looking forward to sharing them with you soon!

Remember to call me on 0481 190 163 if you would like your own photo experience – we look forward to planning something uniquely for you!

Karen  – Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories



phone: 0481 190 163

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Are you tempted?

Are you tempted? If you are tempted to book a photo experience but want more info give me a call!


Next Month:

  • Let’s get to know our GT Studios Ambassadors
  • New Experiences on offer – Diva, A little often – more on these soon!
  • Latest products on offer – The Teegan – you will want this on your wall!
  • The Click – our exclusive club for girls who have attended photography experiences or workshops with GT Studios – ask me about this exciting opportunity!

White Shirt Day – World Ovarian Cancer Day – May 8th 2018

With our boutique photography studio specialising in girls and a previous career in Women’s Health, it is no wonder that I am passionate about White Shirt Day. One woman dies in Australia every ten hours from Ovarian Cancer. There is no early detection test and there is no cure.

Lean On Each Other

Lean On Each Other

The early stages of Ovarian Cancer have no obvious symptoms, resulting in most women being diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. Many of the symptoms such as bloating, abdominal discomfort and fatigue are often misdiagnosed as other conditions such as constipation, endometriosis and irritable bowel. This results in a diagnosis in the advanced stages of the disease. When detected and treated early, 80-100% of women will survive beyond 5 years compared with only 20-30% when diagnosed at a late stage.

White Shirt Day

White Shirt Day

This is why I am promoting White Shirt Day – to raise much needed funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who are working on developing an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

The OCRF is one of Australia’s pre-eminent bodies supporting ovarian cancer research – find out more about their work  here

Please donate here if you can – it’s not too late.

Unseen - but still there

Unseen – but still there

A huge thank you to these three amazing young girls and their mums who helped us with this project. You can see them on our Instagram account and Facebook Page with more thoughts on the subject!

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories
Karen 📞 0481 190 163
Photographer Graham Tipper @grahamtipper @gtstudiosphotography
Models Alice @_alice.cook_ Matilda @tillyrosemosborne and Lexie @_lexie_marshall_
Styling Karen Tipper @karenjtip @gtstudiosphotography

Girls Night In

Girls Night In 2017

Once again GT Studios will be joining Susy and Peter this Friday, 27th of October as they host their  Girls Night In at Beyond Bank Seaford Central Shopping Centre . If you are free it would be great to see you there from 6.30 -8pm. If you can’t make it you can still donate on line. Susy has a goal of $2000 but it would be awesome if we could go higher than that!! There will be lots of great displays and awesome prizes to be won.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In

It will be a fun night, and at the same time an opportunity for like minded women to raise funds and awareness for women’s cancer research, prevention programs and support services.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In

GT Studios has felt the sting of cancer at a family level and we want to help make cancer and cancer deaths a thing of the past. So this year we have donated a Photo Experience to the value of $250 (including a $50 print credit) and hope that Susy and Peter raise lots and lots of much needed funds.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In – the delightful Alyssa @alyssa.jv and Teegan @mylittlestredhead

Around 65 women are diagnosed with a breast or gynaecological cancer in Australia… Every. Single. Day.

But every single day we also get closer to a cancer-free future. Although one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by age 85, a woman diagnosed today has a 90% chance of surviving for five years.

Since the National Cervical Screening Program began in 1991, cervical cancer deaths in Australia have halved.

The statistics that I have quoted have come from the Cancer Councils “Girls Night In” web page – these statistics will continue to improve with every dollar raised at each Girls Night In that is held.

Girls’ Night In asks women to harness the power of their friendship groups to make a real difference and save lives.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In – the beautiful Brittany @brittgallasch @brittygeeyoga @austarliansupermodeloftheyear #ASOTY

As a boutique photography studio who photographs mostly girls and woman we know how widespread cancer is within our community. We are as passionate about this cause as we are our photography. Please consider attending or donating to Susy and Peter’s “Girls Night In” or directly to the Cancer Council SA

Capturing life’s moments and Creating memories,


phone 0481 190 163,

Girls Night In

Girls Night In – the gorgeous Erin @erin_scott22 @australiansupermodeloftheyear #ASOTY


Dance the Day Away

Dance the Day Away

We are so excited to be offering Dance the Day Away Photo Experiences this School Holidays.

Dance the Day Away Cheeky threesome

Three gorgeous, cheeky girls in rainbow tutus. Ready for their Dance the Day Away School Holiday Photo Expereince

Twirling and spinning, tutus and splits, arabesques and pirouettes: if you know what these are then there is a good chance you have been a dancer, you are a dancer or you have at least one dancer in your life!

If you do have a dancer in your life why not book them in to a session and let us capture some beautiful moments. We will be offering sessions all day Tuesday  3rd of October to Friday 6th of October in both a Southern Suburbs location and a North Eastern Suburbs location.

Dance the Day Away - in the studio

Dance the Day Away – in the studio

If you have a favourite dance outfit you can bring it along or we can provide tutus and other dance wear for you to use.

Your dancer gets a private 30 minute session for $100
This includes 3 fully edited digital images that you can use on social media or print with an option to purchase extra prints and products that make beautiful gifts for Christmas.

Dance the Day Away - School Holiday Photo Experience

Dance the Day Away – School Holiday Photo Experience


3rd to 6th October
Contact Karen to secure your place
Phone 0481 190 163

Dance the Day Away

Dance the Day Away


Christmas in July

Wow – I can’t believe that we are at the end of July already. We are in the middle of Winter yet I sit here with the door to the balcony wide open, the afternoon sun streaming in. A gentle breeze blowing the gum leaves outside the window and I think how lucky we are.

This year is flying by and tomorrow people will be celebrating Christmas in July! I don’t know about you but it feels like I have just finished putting away all the decorations from Christmas in December!!

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Do you celebrate Christmas in July or is once a year enough for you? Last Christmas we set up a Winter Wonderland scene in our studio and offered Christmas Winter Wonderland Photo Experiences. We will be doing the same again this year and to avoid disappointment we will be setting up our Christmas tree a little earlier than normal. We will encourage our clients to contact us soon to book their complimentary consultation so that we can ensure their chosen colour scheme can be accommodated and any extra little touches can be added. These sessions make excellent Christmas Card Images so the earlier you get organised with your session the easier your Christmas Card list becomes! We will also be offering formal and informal photo experiences in time for Christmas gifts.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Family photos make a lovely gift not only for Grandparents but also for you as a family. I always think of the C. S. Lewis quote

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different”

This is what happens with family life, day after day we do the same thing and then one day your family have grown up and moved out. Don’t leave your photo experience until it is too late!

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

We would love to help you organise your Christmas gift this year with some beautiful wall art that you can look at and enjoy forever. Contact me today for more details: email, Facebook pm, or call on 0481 190 163

Dance the Day Away

Black & White or Colour

Do you have a preference for Black & White or Colour photography?

This is a question we ask when we are helping our clients custom design their photo experience. The answer will help decide the colour of clothes, the setting and even the style of photography.

It also depends on where the artwork is destined to hang – what the decor of the room is, what size it will be and whether it will be presented in a frame or as an acrylic or other presentation. However, sometimes it just comes down to personal taste and it is often nice to see the same image in both black & white and colour.

The image featured on the blog today was published in the “Gallery of Refined Art” Children’s Photography Wing this week. We chose to submit it in black and white.

Single light studio setup with a beautiful, young, aspiring ballerina.
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I was really keen to know peoples opinion and so posted both a colour and black and white version on to Instagram to see the response – you can check out the numbers by going to our Instagram account.

Single light studio setup with a beautiful, young, aspiring balerina.
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This is the colour version followed by the same crop in black and white.

Single light studio setup with a beautiful, young, aspiring ballerina.
Follow me: GT Studios | Facebook | Instagram

I am always amazed how a different crop can completely change the look of a photo too – but that will be another day’s blog!

If you would like to discuss a custom designed photo experience please contact Karen or Graham today – phone 0481 190 163

It’s Winter – What if it Rains?

As we approach the middle of June we are still being greeted with the most glorious of sunny, blue sky days – I can hardly believe it is Winter. The reality  is  – we can’t ever be sure of the weather when we book a photo experience, no matter how much planning goes in to the session the one thing we can not guarantee is the weather on the day.

Sunshine and Blue Sky

Mikayla and the Sunflowers

Many people are put off by Winter but in fact some of the most beautiful photo opportunities come at this time of year. At the moment there are still the end of Autumn scenes to be had so if you get in quick you may just get that photo surrounded by golden toned crunchy leaves. If you leave it for a few weeks you can be all rugged up in winter woollies – looking as snug as a bug! If you take a look at some of the other posts you will see I have a passion for parasols – umbrellas look just as good – if you get caught in a shower it doesn’t really mater!

Wow! Christmas in July!

Wow! Christmas in July!

The alternative to an outdoor photo experience in Winter is to book your session in one of our studio opportunities. We have two studio set ups that give quite different outcomes. Depending on your dream for your wall art and imagination we can set the studio accordingly. Christmas in July is always a popular option!

Pretty as a Picture

Pretty as a Picture – no need for props – a studio session where less is more.

If you would like to discover more about what GT Studios can do for you call Karen or Graham today. If you would prefer we call you simply go to our contact page and email us with your contact details and a little bit about what you might be interested in – we would love to chat to you soon.

When one person asks for bubbles…..

When a Family Photo Experience starts off with the youngest member noticing my bubble machine the only way to move forward was to promise that we would use the bubble machine later in the session.

Five year old boys have amazing memories when it comes to bubbles and promises so after a lot of photos I agreed to switch on the machine!

I was pretty sure that the other family members were not all that keen on the idea of bubbles but I assured them it would be a bit of fun and they would be under no pressure to purchase these images. Just let this little boy have his moment.

As you can see from the set of bubble images everyone got  in on the act and I think they ended up being a fantastic set showing the real side of this family – natural, relaxed and fun loving.

This gorgeous family were great clients and we loved every minute of their session. We even got a bit emotional when we reviewed the images at the end of the day – that’s when we know we captured the essence of the people involved – that’s why we do what we do and why we love doing it!

Contact Karen and Graham today to arrange you free consultation.