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White Shirt Day – World Ovarian Cancer Day – May 8th 2018

With our boutique photography studio specialising in girls and a previous career in Women’s Health, it is no wonder that I am passionate about White Shirt Day. One woman dies in Australia every ten hours from Ovarian Cancer. There is no early detection test and there is no cure.

Lean On Each Other

Lean On Each Other

The early stages of Ovarian Cancer have no obvious symptoms, resulting in most women being diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. Many of the symptoms such as bloating, abdominal discomfort and fatigue are often misdiagnosed as other conditions such as constipation, endometriosis and irritable bowel. This results in a diagnosis in the advanced stages of the disease. When detected and treated early, 80-100% of women will survive beyond 5 years compared with only 20-30% when diagnosed at a late stage.

White Shirt Day

White Shirt Day

This is why I am promoting White Shirt Day – to raise much needed funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who are working on developing an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

The OCRF is one of Australia’s pre-eminent bodies supporting ovarian cancer research – find out more about their work  here

Please donate here if you can – it’s not too late.

Unseen - but still there

Unseen – but still there

A huge thank you to these three amazing young girls and their mums who helped us with this project. You can see them on our Instagram account and Facebook Page with more thoughts on the subject!

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories

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Dance the Day Away

Dance with your heart – your body will follow.

So you are probably wondering what dance has to do with photography – I guess for me the two go together naturally. If it wasn’t for dance I would not have met Graham.

Ballet on the Beach

Ballet on the Beach

Dance has been a part of my life since I was 4, about the same age as this little dancer in the image above, and I met Graham at a dancing school when I was eleven.  As two photographers with a passion for dance it was only a matter of time before GT Studios offered  the opportunity to create photo experiences for dancers.

Ballet by the Lake

 “If you dance with your heart, your body will follow.”

Mia Michaels

We dance because it is what we love to do.


After a reasonable break from dance I have recently returned. I love every minute of my contemporary class at Move Through Life Dance Studio and I hope that my renewed involvement will help when we are creating dance experiences. When I was little I always found it helpful if the teacher demonstrated the position for me. Likewise – I think it is nice if we can show our dancers the position we are asking for. I’m not suggesting I can do it as well as some of the dancers but at least I can ask for positions by name and know that we are getting it right!

Ballet in the Park

When I was looking for dance quotes today I found this one form Bill Austin – it reminded me of when Graham and I would be learning dance routines and also where I am at the moment – “When you take dancing lessons, you learn steps and you learn steps and you learn steps. It can go on for a long time. And then one day, you just learn to dance, and it is so different. “

Ballet in the Snow!!

Ballet in the Snow!! Christmas Winter Wonderland


I love all our themed photo experiences but I have a secret passion for a Ballet or Dance Photo Experience and love when we are given the opportunity to help create a dream experience for a little dancer. Dance fits so beautifully with the basic beliefs that we build our business upon. We believe GT Studios is about people and the human connection. Dance also can be seen as this – we want to capture this form of expression  – the hopes and dreams of each dancer and turn them into art that can be displayed on the walls of their home – reminding them what they are working towards.

Ballet in the Park


It is also important for us to give back to the dance community.  We recently enjoyed the Starlets SA Showtime concert and have given the Starlets families the opportunity to download their images from our website.

Ballet on the Beach – Mum and her little Ballerinas

If you think your little dancer would like a Dance/Ballet Photo Experience give me a call on 0481 190 163  (or contact us here and I will call you). We can arrange a no obligation consultation to discuss some options.  The photo experience is a beautiful gift for your dancer and the framed images make gorgeous gifts too!

Tutu on Black – taken in the studio

On a closing note I thought I should add that “Happiness is……finding the perfect dance partner…..and a photographer that understands dance! I found my perfect dance partner – hopefully we can be your perfect photographer – hear from you soon – Karen