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November Snapshot (1) with GT Studios Photography – What happened to October!

Welcome to the GT Studios Monthly Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings.


I started my last snapshot by saying that Spring had finally arrived – well I have decided that we no longer have the perfect season but four seasons in a week and sometimes in a day – as I write this (on the 21st of November – only  9 days out from Summer) I am listening to pouring rain and howling winds. The great thing about that is no matter what the weather we don’t let it stop us giving you the best photo experience possible! I no longer look at the forecast but adapt to the conditions on the day – we often end up with the most amazing variety of photos – my new moto I think will be – go with the flow!

Face of October

Each month this year we have held a Face of the Month Competition but for October our focus was entirely given to our Fundraising effort for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Instead of having one person feature predominantly we followed the Frocktober themes. More on this later…..


Our clients have been busy getting themselves seen in more places than our web page, Facebook and Instagram accounts! We have had our photos featured in Madison Fashion Magazine November Top 25, The Face Issue Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Congratulations to Zoe for making Top 25, congratulations to Alexia,  Mackenzie, Makenzie, Jemma and Zoe for featuring in the Face Issue.

Once again we were spotted by Faces Magazine, this time with Hannah’s photo being featured on the European (Swiss) Fashion Magazines Web site! We are very excited and grateful to Faces Magazine FacesBeauty for the feature. Congratulations Hannah! You can vote for Hannah here but hurry – only until November 23rd.

Hannah and Maddy

I would like to congratulate both of these amazing Ambassadors who have now signed with Finesse Model Agency. We are so proud of them and wish them well in their modelling career. We like to see our clients and ambassadors as part of the GT Studios Family so to have watched the confidence and skills of these girls grow so fast through this year has been such a treat. Well done girls! All of our Ambassadors have done so well this year. The Ambassador programme has been so much more then we hoped for!


By mid-September our Frocktober preparations were in full swing. One of the first people I asked to be involved was the lovely Emma Schulz from Elouise Designs. A first year Fashion Design Student at Adelaide Uni, I first discovered Emma on Instagram. Something about the way she designed, wrote about her work and studies peaked my interest and I knew she was the designer I wanted to highlight on our Fundraising journey. So, one evening, while waiting for Graham’s flight to land from an interstate business trip I decided it was now or never……. The rest is history as they say! Emma is a delightful young girl with a bright future – she has a young, fresh, range of clothes which was exactly what I was hoping for. She also hopes to do costume design and I hope we have an ongoing relationship between her amazing couture skills, Graham’s photography and my creativity we might be able to give you some amazing fantasy experiences next year!

We arranged a meeting to see Emma’s range and we did a photo shoot with Emma which was fantastic! Unfortunately we found out that Emma could not be at our Fundraiser Event as it was her sister’s wedding day!!!! I understood if Emma wanted to pull out but she continued to support us and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation throughout October with posts on her Instagram too!

We also had an awesome Ambassador day where the girls (and their parents) put in an afternoon of planning at our place and then lots more of their own time to help prepare for the day.

With posters up, venues booked, it was down to the runway, music and dance prep – the girls loved choosing dresses to wear and as well as wearing the range from Elousie Designs we were very grateful for the generous donation from Rasheedah at Chicque Boutique who loaned us a huge range of clothes to wear on the day!

A dress fitting there and a dress rehearsal and we were just about ready. We opened the runway event to past clients and the general public and we were so happy to see some of our previous girls return for a fun day that raised money for such a great cause. I think we saw some models in the making too!!!

A massive thank you to Melissa Sandercock who gave a very educational talk about the signs and risks related to Ovarian Cancer – Melissa was able to dispel some common myths and reinforce some truths. Lots of positive feedback so if only one person seeks medical advice early enough then it was a worthwhile venture!

I have so many people to thank, the Gawler Uniting Church gave us the Hall Hire at an amazing rate – everyone who donated to the prizes, Hissey Electrical, Silhouette Hair and Beauty, Brereton Jewellers, Tanunda Hair and Beauty, Gawler Academy of Dance for their dancers, many private donations too – both in donating money, items and volunteering their time  – thank you thank you thank you! Our wonderful Ambassadors and their families gave so much time and money to this event – so grateful! Clients, friends and family – thank you!

We raised $1635 – a lot of hard work from a lot of people – thank you to everyone who donated on the day and on our My Cause page.  The person with the largest donation on our My Cause page won a free photo experience and they will be contacted shortly!!!

For a look at the Frocktober Fashions you can check out our Instagram feed – we continued the theme at our Runway event too. A serious cause but lots of fun!

If you would like more information about any of the information in today’s snapshot please contact me. We also have some gorgeous new products available for a limited time – Christmas printing deadlines are approaching rapidly so please don’t leave it to the last moment!

Keep an eye out for our next Snapshot in the next few days!!!!!

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Life’s Memories – Karen

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September Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

Welcome to the GT Studios Monthly Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings.

This month has seen Spring finally arrive – not a minute too soon as far as I am concerned. That doesn’t mean we have had perfect weather for every photo experience but we have at least seen more sunshine! Even if the wind has been a little challenging for hats and flower crowns!!!

Face of August – with last month’s Snapshot giving you an insight in to what makes us click we didn’t really highlight our activities for August so I would love to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing efforts that our Faces of August went to.

Yes – we had two girls qualify for the Face of August – the hardest part of my job is choosing a winner. We don’t randomly pick our winners. We take time to look at their profile – we pay attention to the way they interact with our social media pages and the way they apply to the competition. You don’t just like, share and tag – that’s not what the real world is really like. We treat it as a job interview!!! Our two winners were an excellent choice and went above and beyond – Ebony chose the fashion of the 80’s and 90’s as her theme and she channeled the Spice Girls in every outfit.

Face of August - Ebony

Face of August – Ebony – Channeling the Spice Girls

Savana chose the 70’s as her fashion era and we really saw an amazing progression through the decade – In the 1970’s Vogue proclaimed “There are no rules in the fashion game now” – so we had Savana dressed in boho, hippy, folk and mini skirts!

Face of August - Savana

Face of August – Savana – Peace, love and flowers – what more do you need.


Face of September – For September we had a simple theme of Spring but really wanted to try some different concepts. We once again had several applicants that fitted the role – it breaks my heart to say sorry to the girls that don’t win. However, I decided that Zoe was the person who had interacted sincerely with our brand for some time and I was convinced I had made the right choice as soon as she walked through the door!

This experience has proven already to be amazingly successful with two of Zoe’s photos being featured on a European (Swiss) Fashion Magazines Web site – 2 days in a row! We are very excited and grateful to Faces Magazine FacesBeauty for the feature. Congratulations Zoe – true natural beauty – inside and out! When a fashion magazine comments on the beautiful makeup and it is natural apart from Graham’s excellent editing skills we are over the moon. This is what we are about!!!! Reassuring girls that they are beautiful just the way they are! You can vote for Zoe here until October 5th


Published – Zoe is not the only one who has been popping up all over the place!

We have had an extremely eventful few months in the magazine world. Starting with Issue 14 of Madison Fashion Magazine with 5 of our GT Studios Ambassadors appearing on the Front Cover as well as a gorgeous 10 page editorial! There were also some fun photos in there of 4 of the ambassadors holding their Issue 10 magazines that they were featured in.

Issue 14 Madison Fashion Magazine Editorial

Issue 14 Madison Fashion Magazine Editorial

Our three girls from a recent dance session, Alex, Jordan and Riley were delighted to be featured in an eight page editorial in Issue 18 – White – of Madison Fashion Magazine. This is an Australian based magazine but accepting submissions worldwide so we were very happy with this result. Congratulations girls!

Riley, Jordan and Alex - Issue 18 White - Believe Editorial - Madison Fashion Magazine

Riley, Jordan and Alex – Issue 18 White – Believe Editorial – Madison Fashion Magazine

It didn’t stop there – we were delighted to have a total of 20 photos featured in issue 18 of Madison Fashion Magazine – congratulations also go to Ellirah, Miki, Mackenzie and Emi. Special congratulations go to Hannah who was given a 5 page feature and announced as the model of the moment. This was a great achievement and she was presented with a $200 gift voucher from Luv Ur Skin – a young Australian company specialising in Skincare products for tweens and teens – so perfect for GT Studios Photography!! Hannah was also featured in the Instagram story for Faces of our World. One of our younger clients Makenzie has also been featured on Diamonds Camera Video and Digital Instagram feed!

Hannah - Model of the Moment - Issue 18 - White - Madison Fashion Magazine Take time to do the things that make your soul happy.

Hannah – Model of the Moment – Issue 18 – White – Madison Fashion Magazine Take time to do the things that make your soul happy.

It doesn’t end there! Jordan has had an AMAZING run of features and also had her dance photos published in two USA based magazines. An all dance issue of Brand Model Magazine and the very first issue of Dancing Life Magazine.

Elle and her Brothers – we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our long distance Ambassadors back in July – it was lovely working with Ellirah Wormald again. This time we had the chance to work with her brothers Jake and Parker as well! It’s about a year ago that our paths crossed initially – first a portfolio shoot with Elle then at ASOTY 2017 (Australian Supermodel of the Year Auditions with Jake). SO much has happened with this amazing family. A sea change has seen them move from Gawler to Port Lincoln but thankfully we still get the chance to catch up and Elle is an awesome ambassador. We have already featured some photos from the photo experience in July but we will be featuring more again soon. The shoot ranged from some traditional family shots to some nontraditional family shots. We loved pairing Elle and Parker together – a bond between twins – I think so!!! Parker has not yet jumped in to the world of modelling – I wonder what it will take to convince him he should?  We entered in to the fantasy realm that day and Ellirah and Jake acted out an amazing story of Kingdom, preparation, loyalty, bravery and strength – I’m looking forward to sharing that editorial with you soon! Then to finish the day we focused on Elle’s dance and ballet skills – what an amazing end to a perfect day.


So why am I featuring a July photo shoot in the September Snapshot? This is a huge week for Elle as she will be taking part in this year’s Australian Supermodel of the year Auditions (ASOTY 2018) on Thursday. We are so impressed with the growth we saw in less than a year between photo shoots. Her poise, confidence and grace as well as her ability to express had all improved so much. We will be thinking of Elle this week and sending our very best wishes and positive vibes her way! You can vote for her here

Ellirah Wormald - Teen model and Dancer

Ellirah Wormald – Teen model and Dancer

Fields of Canola – yes – it’s that time of year – I love the chance to get out to our beautiful country that we are so blessed to have – we have an amazing Farming Community and we were granted permission this year to photograph the gorgeous Jemma Linke in some amazing locations this month. Where do I start….. of course, canola fields of mellow shades of gold and vibrant shades of yellow, the yellow continued when Jemma took control of some of the farm machinery – we won’t mention the lack of control I showed at this point LOL!! We had smoke and flames, graffiti, trucks, fields of barley with a touch of Boho and then we had Jemma’s inner rock chick appear channeling some very cool 70’s vibes in an amazing ruin. We had an awesome day!

Jemma Linke - on the farm

Jemma Linke – on the farm

Preparation for Octobers Fundraiser – by mid September we found ourselves in full swing for #Frocktober 2018 so instead of cramming all the details here I will send another snapshot in the near future introducing you to the beautiful Emma Schulz from Elouise Designs as well as some of the other companies who have come on board and shown their support. If you want a sneak peek you can go here for details about the event or you can go here to donate directly to our campaign page.

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Life’s Memories – Karen


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May Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

This Month:

Welcome to the GT Studios May Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings. If you know someone who would enjoy reading this newsletter please share it with them and suggest that they subscribe to it!

We have had an amazing month – I hope you have also! As well as our regular photo experiences we have had a chance to be involved in some really thought provoking work. On the 6th of May we finished a fun photo experience by spending some time taking photos to bring awareness to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. We worked with three incredibly committed and talented teenagers and produced a series of images which we shared across our social media platforms on White Shirt Day May 8th. You can read about it here or here. It’s not too late to donate. We are constantly impressed by the dedication we see in the young people that we work with.

White Shirt Day

White Shirt Day – Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

  • The Face of May

As I mentioned last month, we will be giving away a free photo experience every month for the Face of the Month Project. We announced the theme for the Face of July on our Instagram account last week and also put out an update on the blog with some important dates. We have had an awesome response – there is only one week left to enter so what are you waiting for??!!

Face of the Month

Face of May – Courtney – Quirky but Cool – Science

For our Face of May we were looking for Geeky and Nerdy, Quirky but Cool and we had lots of applications. I was amazed to see so many teenagers confess to being geeky but then I was reminded that it is actually cool to be nerdy now. Look at the people who own some of the most successful companies in the world. Some of the richest people in the world, some of the most compassionate and giving people in the world. Not the cool trendy ones but the science geeks, inventors, researchers and innovators so I was given hope that we have so many young followers that might have aspirations to be in that group of society.

Face of May - Courtney - Science Experiment!

Face of May – Courtney – Science Experiment!

Courtney told me in her application that she was a huge “Stranger Things” fan and was lucky enough to meet Millie Bobby Brown – one of the main actors in the show. This has inspired her to think about acting. Courtney also loves science experiments, Lego and baking. She loved to sit and look at the stars too and imagine what could be out there! This made me think that we could get some dynamic images with her acting out several quirky but cool scenes. We would definitely rely on Courtney’s acting skills but after announcing her as the winner and having a very long conversation carefully planning each set I was pretty sure she was up for the job.

Face of the Month - Courtney - Golden Hour

Face of the Month – Courtney – Golden Hour

Some things we learnt about Courtney were that her favourite colour is pink or aqua so we made sure that we captured some nice images with these tones – most girls hope for a golden hour image with a floral crown so pink flowers were on the list. Holidays to Bali and a future trip to Bora Bora are high on Courtney’s list of likes as she loves the beach. We also found out that Courtney would like to be a midwife when she leaves school. Perhaps it was a sign that she ended up wearing my old uniform from a previous life when I was a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife when she did the Science Photo set!

Face of May - Courtney - Baking has never been so much fun!!

Face of May – Courtney – Baking has never been so much fun!!

Courtney stepped up to the challenge with every set that we asked of her. Whether it was in her own clothes or something from our wardrobe, playing with dry ice or sieving flour, playing with lego, reading fantasy books or looking through a telescope or a microscope she took it all in her stride. Was she worried about what her friends would say – I think so – did that stop her – no! She has a great outlook on life and in the end she just enjoyed the experience! Thank you Courtney for being brave enough to stand out in the crowd!

National Publications

Oh my goodness – we have had another amazing month for features in magazines. Published in digital and print we have had four girls featured in Madison Fashion Magazine with at least 2 images each and one of them has had a very busy month being featured in an international magazine Brand Model Magazine. Congratulations again to Graham on the beautiful photography and of course our congratulations go to our 4 beautiful GT Studios Ambassadors Jordan (2 magazines this month), Jemma, Maddy and Miki.



Product Review

This month’s product review is the timeless signature art Folio Box. Your heart and soul are captured and your memories are protected in this stunning heirloom for you to enjoy for years to come.

Each folio box comes in oatmeal or black linen and starts with 4 of your favourite 20x25cm prints on a 28×35.5cm backing and the box can hold up to 12 prints!

This is such a lovely idea if you are short on wall space – your prints can be stored safely and you can choose which one you want to display on any given day – if you order 8 or more images we will gift an easel for you to display your print – no need for a frame!

You can choose from three different styles to suit your taste:

  • Traditional
  • Elegant and Modern
  • Torn-edge

We have found this to be an incredibly popular product and is one of our best sellers.

Folio Box

The Signature Art Folio Box – a timeless heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come



We have had an increasing amount of queries about photography and modelling this year and we have decided that it is time to launch our workshop programme. If you are interested in attending a workshop and would like to know more please contact me. If you have topics you would like included in the programme let me know as soon as possible as we are preparing the programme currently.

We will also be offering one on one tuition for those who would rather not work in a group setting.


Face of July

Next Month:

  • Workshops – local and regional areas – do you want us to visit you? If so give me a call so we can add your location to our travel list.
  • New Experiences on offer – Diva, A little often – more on these soon!
  • Latest products on offer – The Teegan – you will want this on your wall!
  • The Click – our exclusive club for girls who have attended photography experiences or workshops with GT Studios – ask me about this exciting opportunity!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories

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GT Studios


White Shirt Day – World Ovarian Cancer Day – May 8th 2018

With our boutique photography studio specialising in girls and a previous career in Women’s Health, it is no wonder that I am passionate about White Shirt Day. One woman dies in Australia every ten hours from Ovarian Cancer. There is no early detection test and there is no cure.

Lean On Each Other

Lean On Each Other

The early stages of Ovarian Cancer have no obvious symptoms, resulting in most women being diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. Many of the symptoms such as bloating, abdominal discomfort and fatigue are often misdiagnosed as other conditions such as constipation, endometriosis and irritable bowel. This results in a diagnosis in the advanced stages of the disease. When detected and treated early, 80-100% of women will survive beyond 5 years compared with only 20-30% when diagnosed at a late stage.

White Shirt Day

White Shirt Day

This is why I am promoting White Shirt Day – to raise much needed funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who are working on developing an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

The OCRF is one of Australia’s pre-eminent bodies supporting ovarian cancer research – find out more about their work  here

Please donate here if you can – it’s not too late.

Unseen - but still there

Unseen – but still there

A huge thank you to these three amazing young girls and their mums who helped us with this project. You can see them on our Instagram account and Facebook Page with more thoughts on the subject!

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories
Karen 📞 0481 190 163
Photographer Graham Tipper @grahamtipper @gtstudiosphotography
Models Alice @_alice.cook_ Matilda @tillyrosemosborne and Lexie @_lexie_marshall_
Styling Karen Tipper @karenjtip @gtstudiosphotography

Dance the Day Away

A Dream Come True

Before we throw ourselves in to 2018 I wanted to take a good look at the year that has just finished.

So much happened last year that it really does seem like a bit of a dream come true for us. I think it is really important to acknowledge where we started, where we are now, who joined us along the way and then look at the future.

The first half of the year was spent still consolidating the business side of things. We had done more studies and training and when June arrived my career path took a huge change. For those of you who didn’t know me before GT Studios, I was a Midwife and Registered Nurse. This role ended in June and we decided that it was time to take GT Studios that extra step and make it the Boutique Studio we had always wanted it to be. This meant I would need to dedicate all my time to the business but in turn it meant we could now truly look after you the way we had always wanted to! I really want to tell you all about the exciting transformation that has happened so this will be a feature in the next edition of our newsletter this year.

Dance the Day Away - Ballet in the park

Model Ava

Dance was a strong point for us in 2017. We photographed two performances for Julie-anne from Starlets SA and were commissioned for an advertising campaign with Jo from Move Through Life Dance Studio. We really love dance photography so we decided to offer a “Dance the Day Away” photo experience during the school holidays. We have continued to offer our other photo experiences and have added lots of beautiful clothes and props to the GT Studios wardrobe throughout the year.

Ballet in the Park

Graham had six International Magazine publications between September and January. We are very excited about this and delighted to be able to help the young models who are featured further their exposure and modelling careers. More on this later in the year.

Model Erin at the Australian Supermodel of the Year Auditions

October was a huge month for us. It started with the Australian Supermodel of the Year Adelaide Auditions. We loved meeting such a great group of young people with ambition and amazing futures ahead. We had the pleasure of travelling interstate for photo shoots and meeting interstate photographers and models while we were there. It is really great to meet others in the same field and be able to work as collaborators and support each other rather than as competition. Photography can be a lonely path if you let it but we have been so fortunate with the people we have networked with since we set up GT Studios.

Models Ellirah, Alyssa, Teegan,Brittany and Erin

Once again we took part in Susy’s Girls Night In Charity Event in October. With both our 2016 and 2017 winners now having had their photo sessions.

As always, ongoing training and education plays a big part in the business. We always make a point of catching up with familiar faces at the Big Lens Day at Diamonds Camera Video and Digital. We popped along to the print colour calibration session at CCP hosted by Diamonds and continued our on line training. Of course – it can’t be all work and no play – so what do photographers do to relax – a workshop with Denis Smith and his Ball of Light – always lots of fun even if it is freezing. We didn’t have to go in the water – Denis did – he had a wet suit on so hopefully he wasn’t as cold as we were!!

Dancing with Light

As 2017 drew to an end we realised that our GT Studios family had grown considerably. Many of the previous year’s clients had returned and we had met so many new people along the way. We are truly grateful for the amazing year that we had. We love getting to know you all and we hope that you enjoyed your experience with us. Every photo experience is unique and we love designing it especially for you!

Model Teegan @mylittlestredhead

Thank you to all of you who made 2017 so amazing and we hope that you will continue to journey with us in 2018 – you can keep up to date with us through our newsletter – you can become part of the GT Studios Family by filling in your email address and pressing the subscribe button on the left hand side of the blog page or if you have received this as an email you can simply press reply and send to be added to our Family list. Once you are a Member of the GT Studios Family you are eligible for Early Bird Notifications of  any new products we add to our range as well as any new and exciting photo experiences and exhibitions that we have in the pipeline. As a January treat we will give the first 5 new members an extra half hour free when you book your photo experience! Good Luck!

Model Ellirah @ellirah_models

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories Karen
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PS: If you have problems getting your email on the list just give me a call and I can manually add it for you!


Just in case you are worried – we wont spam you! I hope to present a monthly newsletter and a monthly blog – but time will tell! I do plan a follow up newsletter before the end of January so you might get another email in the next week but no promises!!!!


Model Allysa @alyssa.jv

Girls Night In

Girls Night In 2017

Once again GT Studios will be joining Susy and Peter this Friday, 27th of October as they host their  Girls Night In at Beyond Bank Seaford Central Shopping Centre . If you are free it would be great to see you there from 6.30 -8pm. If you can’t make it you can still donate on line. Susy has a goal of $2000 but it would be awesome if we could go higher than that!! There will be lots of great displays and awesome prizes to be won.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In

It will be a fun night, and at the same time an opportunity for like minded women to raise funds and awareness for women’s cancer research, prevention programs and support services.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In

GT Studios has felt the sting of cancer at a family level and we want to help make cancer and cancer deaths a thing of the past. So this year we have donated a Photo Experience to the value of $250 (including a $50 print credit) and hope that Susy and Peter raise lots and lots of much needed funds.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In – the delightful Alyssa @alyssa.jv and Teegan @mylittlestredhead

Around 65 women are diagnosed with a breast or gynaecological cancer in Australia… Every. Single. Day.

But every single day we also get closer to a cancer-free future. Although one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by age 85, a woman diagnosed today has a 90% chance of surviving for five years.

Since the National Cervical Screening Program began in 1991, cervical cancer deaths in Australia have halved.

The statistics that I have quoted have come from the Cancer Councils “Girls Night In” web page – these statistics will continue to improve with every dollar raised at each Girls Night In that is held.

Girls’ Night In asks women to harness the power of their friendship groups to make a real difference and save lives.

Girls Night In

Girls Night In – the beautiful Brittany @brittgallasch @brittygeeyoga @austarliansupermodeloftheyear #ASOTY

As a boutique photography studio who photographs mostly girls and woman we know how widespread cancer is within our community. We are as passionate about this cause as we are our photography. Please consider attending or donating to Susy and Peter’s “Girls Night In” or directly to the Cancer Council SA

Capturing life’s moments and Creating memories,


phone 0481 190 163,

Girls Night In

Girls Night In – the gorgeous Erin @erin_scott22 @australiansupermodeloftheyear #ASOTY


Lay back and Relax!

Dreaming of Summer - one day I'm gonna be a Mermaid!

Dreaming of Summer – one day I’m gonna be a Mermaid!

The weekend is here and it is going to be too hot to do anything constructive or productive so take the lead from the gorgeous Miss E, lay back and relax!

Look at Me - I'm from the Sea!

Look at Me – I’m from the Sea!

Miss E takes being a mermaid quite seriously! If you go down to the beach this weekend make sure you play it safe – slip, slop and slap! Maybe do what we did and just recreate the beach, sip a cool drink in front of the air conditioner and chill baby!!

Girls Night In

I’m sure you have all heard of someone holding a “Girls Night In” or going to one or even just speaking about one, but do you know what it is really all about? It is an amazing opportunity to raise much needed funds for Women’s Cancer Research and Prevention.


We have had the opportunity to be involved in Susy and Peter’s Girls Night In this week. It got me thinking about why people do these things. Susy recently lost a lifelong friend to cancer. She was only 50.

If we stop and think about it, most of us can think of someone who has either had cancer or who has had a family member with cancer. It’s not just breast cancer either (although that has personally touched our family) – there are so many women’s cancers that desperately need funding for research – According to the Cancer Council “Every day in Australia, around 50 women are told they have breast or a gynaecological cancer. Sadly, around 12 Australian women will die each day from a women’s cancer. Funds raised by Cancer Council’s Girls Night In goes towards research, prevention and treatment of women with breast, ovarian, cervical, vaginal, vulva and uterine cancers.”

Portrait Shoot With Lady Fae, 21 February 2016.

Portrait Shoot With Lady Fae, 21 February 2016.

Susy and Peter will be hosting their Girls Night In at the Beyond Bank – Seaford Branch this evening. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and I hope they will be successful in raising a lot of money for a very worthy cause. I’m sure all donations will be gratefully received.

4x5 or 8x10 aspect ratio

Sisters – Holding Hands – A Special Moment