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May Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

This Month:

Welcome to the GT Studios May Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings. If you know someone who would enjoy reading this newsletter please share it with them and suggest that they subscribe to it!

We have had an amazing month – I hope you have also! As well as our regular photo experiences we have had a chance to be involved in some really thought provoking work. On the 6th of May we finished a fun photo experience by spending some time taking photos to bring awareness to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. We worked with three incredibly committed and talented teenagers and produced a series of images which we shared across our social media platforms on White Shirt Day May 8th. You can read about it here or here. It’s not too late to donate. We are constantly impressed by the dedication we see in the young people that we work with.

White Shirt Day

White Shirt Day – Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

  • The Face of May

As I mentioned last month, we will be giving away a free photo experience every month for the Face of the Month Project. We announced the theme for the Face of July on our Instagram account last week and also put out an update on the blog with some important dates. We have had an awesome response – there is only one week left to enter so what are you waiting for??!!

Face of the Month

Face of May – Courtney – Quirky but Cool – Science

For our Face of May we were looking for Geeky and Nerdy, Quirky but Cool and we had lots of applications. I was amazed to see so many teenagers confess to being geeky but then I was reminded that it is actually cool to be nerdy now. Look at the people who own some of the most successful companies in the world. Some of the richest people in the world, some of the most compassionate and giving people in the world. Not the cool trendy ones but the science geeks, inventors, researchers and innovators so I was given hope that we have so many young followers that might have aspirations to be in that group of society.

Face of May - Courtney - Science Experiment!

Face of May – Courtney – Science Experiment!

Courtney told me in her application that she was a huge “Stranger Things” fan and was lucky enough to meet Millie Bobby Brown – one of the main actors in the show. This has inspired her to think about acting. Courtney also loves science experiments, Lego and baking. She loved to sit and look at the stars too and imagine what could be out there! This made me think that we could get some dynamic images with her acting out several quirky but cool scenes. We would definitely rely on Courtney’s acting skills but after announcing her as the winner and having a very long conversation carefully planning each set I was pretty sure she was up for the job.

Face of the Month - Courtney - Golden Hour

Face of the Month – Courtney – Golden Hour

Some things we learnt about Courtney were that her favourite colour is pink or aqua so we made sure that we captured some nice images with these tones – most girls hope for a golden hour image with a floral crown so pink flowers were on the list. Holidays to Bali and a future trip to Bora Bora are high on Courtney’s list of likes as she loves the beach. We also found out that Courtney would like to be a midwife when she leaves school. Perhaps it was a sign that she ended up wearing my old uniform from a previous life when I was a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife when she did the Science Photo set!

Face of May - Courtney - Baking has never been so much fun!!

Face of May – Courtney – Baking has never been so much fun!!

Courtney stepped up to the challenge with every set that we asked of her. Whether it was in her own clothes or something from our wardrobe, playing with dry ice or sieving flour, playing with lego, reading fantasy books or looking through a telescope or a microscope she took it all in her stride. Was she worried about what her friends would say – I think so – did that stop her – no! She has a great outlook on life and in the end she just enjoyed the experience! Thank you Courtney for being brave enough to stand out in the crowd!

National Publications

Oh my goodness – we have had another amazing month for features in magazines. Published in digital and print we have had four girls featured in Madison Fashion Magazine with at least 2 images each and one of them has had a very busy month being featured in an international magazine Brand Model Magazine. Congratulations again to Graham on the beautiful photography and of course our congratulations go to our 4 beautiful GT Studios Ambassadors Jordan (2 magazines this month), Jemma, Maddy and Miki.



Product Review

This month’s product review is the timeless signature art Folio Box. Your heart and soul are captured and your memories are protected in this stunning heirloom for you to enjoy for years to come.

Each folio box comes in oatmeal or black linen and starts with 4 of your favourite 20x25cm prints on a 28×35.5cm backing and the box can hold up to 12 prints!

This is such a lovely idea if you are short on wall space – your prints can be stored safely and you can choose which one you want to display on any given day – if you order 8 or more images we will gift an easel for you to display your print – no need for a frame!

You can choose from three different styles to suit your taste:

  • Traditional
  • Elegant and Modern
  • Torn-edge

We have found this to be an incredibly popular product and is one of our best sellers.

Folio Box

The Signature Art Folio Box – a timeless heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come



We have had an increasing amount of queries about photography and modelling this year and we have decided that it is time to launch our workshop programme. If you are interested in attending a workshop and would like to know more please contact me. If you have topics you would like included in the programme let me know as soon as possible as we are preparing the programme currently.

We will also be offering one on one tuition for those who would rather not work in a group setting.


Face of July

Next Month:

  • Workshops – local and regional areas – do you want us to visit you? If so give me a call so we can add your location to our travel list.
  • New Experiences on offer – Diva, A little often – more on these soon!
  • Latest products on offer – The Teegan – you will want this on your wall!
  • The Click – our exclusive club for girls who have attended photography experiences or workshops with GT Studios – ask me about this exciting opportunity!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories

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GT Studios


Rain drops in Winter

Face of the Month Update – July

Some important dates for you to be aware of:

The Face of July theme has been announced! We are looking for inspiration for Winter and you will have 2 weeks to enter! The competition for July closes on the 28th of May. The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 29th of May and the photo experience will be on Sunday the 3rd of June.

Open fire on a cold winters day

Favourite things – a warm fire, a hot chocolate…..

If you would like to enter the competition you can:

DM us on Instagram @gtstudiosphotography

PM us on Facebook GT Studios Photography

Email Karen@gtstudios.com.au or use the contact form here on the web page.

Inside for this photo experience?


Let us know why you or you and a friend should win a free Photo Experience – be creative – what do you love about Winter and would like to capture as a memory forever!

Rosie cheeks on a cold winter day

Rosie cheeks on a cold winter day

Baking and Science - is that your thing?

Face of the Month Project Update

The search for the Face of May is on!

Are you, or do you know someone

  • who loves technology
  • loves books
  • loves science and math

Would you rather be

  • at the library than the gym
  • Comic-Con than a rock concert
  • dancing, singing and acting than doing PE
  • drinking tea and baking while watching sci-fi

When it comes to clothes do you have your own style – something a little quirky maybe a bit retro?

You guessed it – we are looking for that Geeky Girl or Nice Nerd that everyone secretly wants to be like or be friends with!

If you think this could be you simply contact us here or message us on Instagram with a pic and a story telling us what makes you the perfect person for the Face of May.

The photo experience will be at our studio in the North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide on Saturday the 21st of April from 3pm onward. You must have permission from a parent and a parent must be able to attend the session.

What are you waiting for – entries close 10th of April and the winner will be announced on the 14th of April

Our Face of the Month Features so far:

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March Snapshot with GT Studios Photography


This Month:

Welcome to the GT Studios March Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings. Make sure you subscribe by replying yes to this email or filling in your email address if you are reading this on our web page and then hitting the subscribe button! You will receive an email in which you must click activate to ensure you get any future editions.
Once again we have had another amazing and busy month – I hope you have also!


  • The Face of March

As I mentioned last month, we will be giving away a free photo experience every month for the Face of the Month Project. Make sure you follow our Instagram account for the next call and what we are looking for.

Jordan The Face of March

Face of the Month Jordan

Our Face of March had been following GT Studios for a while and had made enquiries about photo experiences too. When we put out the call for this month we really only had one requirement. We wanted a ballet dancer who was on pointe!  We would like to introduce you to Jordan @jordan.hissey She answered the call almost instantly and we were very happy at the end of the call to announce that Jordan had got herself that photo experience she was hoping for!

Jordan - The Face of March

Jordan – Dancing in the Rain

After accepting the role of Face of March Jordan admitted that she was quite nervous as she had not done any modelling – she didn’t need to be nervous – she did an amazing job and we are really happy with the images that we have.

Autumn - The Face of March

Autumn in the Forest – Jordan The Face of March

Jordan may not have had any modelling experience but she was more than qualified for our needs this month – she has been dancing since she was three and went on to pointe shoes this year!

Jordan the Face of March

The Face of the Month for March – Jordan with her Pointe Shoes in Hand

Jordan would like to look at modelling or nursing as a career in the future and I think she has qualities that would suit both of these occupations. One day Jordan hopes to travel to Italy – who knows maybe a modelling career would take her to Fashion Week in Milan – known as the Fashion capital of the world!!!

The Face of the Month for April – who will it be? The winner will be announced on Monday the 19th of March


  • Printed and Digital Publications

We can now confirm that Graham has been published in the new Australian Kids Fashion Magazine “Madison Fashion Magazine” @madisonfashionmagazine We are very happy to say that we have been published in all three issues so far. Congratulations to Ellirah @ellirah_models, Alyssa @alyssa.jv, Teegan @mylittlestredhead and Mikayla @mikaylatuttle for being spotted and featured!!! This magazine publishes photographers and models from all over the world so we are so grateful to the team at Madison Fashion Magazine for choosing us!


  • Fine Art Collaboration

This year sees us embarking on several Fine Art Projects. Not only has Mikayla been published in Madison Fashion Magazine this year but her modelling skills have been put to great use by taking part in two of our Fine Art Projects that we are working on.
Emotions Fine Art Project Mikayla

Emotions Fine Art Project Mikayla

The first project is looking at the emotions of teenagers – we wanted this to be teenager driven – we ask them to provide their own choice of outfit for three set emotions and then use their expression and body language to illustrate the emotion we have asked for. This has proved to be challenging and thought provoking for all involved but also incredibly moving and powerful.
The Goddess Within Fine Art Project Mikayla

The Goddess Within Fine Art Project Mikayla

The second project that Mikayla has been involved in has been the Goddess Within – this involves lots of tulle – making a dress on set and lots of flowers!
The Goddess Within Fine Art Project Mikayla

The Goddess Within Fine Art Project Mikayla

If you would like to be involved in our Fine Art Projects please contact me for details.


  • 500th Follower

Way back on the 15th of December last year I woke up to 499 followers on Instagram – that was a big deal for me – I mentioned it on my post that day that I was hoping I didn’t lose any followers and a young teenager DM’d me to say she had just given us our 500th follower!

Our 500th Instagram follower - Maddy

Our 500th Instagram follower – Maddy

I was so impressed that I spoke to Graham (the other half of GT Studios) and we decided to offer her a photo experience. We are so glad that our two worlds have come together. We had an amazing day with her and her Mum – we took lots of photos and you will start to see some of them appear on our Instagram and Facebook page over the next few weeks. It was so hard to choose just a few!

Our 500th Instagram follower - Maddy

Our 500th Instagram follower – Maddy

Unlike some of our other clients, Maddy has not done any modelling and she is not a dancer but that did not matter at all – she came with enthusiasm and passion for life – Thank you so much Maddy – for being our 500th follower and also for being the lovely person that you are! As this goes live we are now up to 804 followers – a big thank you to all of you – for you likes, comments and for your continued support!

Our 500th Instagram follower - Maddy

Our 500th Instagram follower – Maddy


  • Product Review

Our latest product on offer is the beautiful Matte Art Photo Album. This is an amazing product and the quality is evident as soon as you open the lid of the linen covered box. You can choose to have your own words engraved on the front cover or we can make some suggestions for you.
The cover of the album comes in a range of finishes – our sample album is cream chic metallic pearl, for an additional cost you can choose to have a leather finish.
One of the many Album options.

One of the many Album options.


The name of the album is a huge hint as to what the pages will look like – your photo experience will be printed on high quality matte art paper – with a gorgeous matte finish. We chose to have a thicker than standard page thickness for our sample album and it makes it feel even more luxurious!
Lay flat binding - a great feature of this album

Lay flat binding – a great feature of this album

The album will be hand made in our Pro printers lab here in Adelaide – where they will pay attention to every detail. We will help you with the layout of every page and you can add additional pages if you wish.
We are so happy with this new product we feel sure you will also love it – make sure to ask us for a look at our sample album next time we see you.


Want more details:

If you would like to feature in our Monthly snapshot, submit your details for one of our Photographic projects either the Face of the Month or one of the Fine Art Projects (or if you know someone who might like to and you want more details) or you would like more information about any of our Photo Experiences or Products that we offer please contact me on any of the following:

Phone: 0481 190 163

Email: karen@gtstudios.com.au

PM on Facebook or DM on Instagram @gtstudiosphotography

Next Month:

  • Workshops – coming soon – tell us what you want!
  • New Experiences on offer – Birthday, Diva, A little often.
  • Latest products on offer – new Folio Box Styles


Capturing Life’s Monents, Creating Memories,



The Face of the Month

February Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

This Month:

Welcome to the GT Studios February Snapshot. I really wanted an opportunity to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios Family – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and thought this was the best way of doing this. If you sign up to our Snapshots you will be the first to know about great savings on photo experiences and workshops, the latest products on offer and any fun days that might be happening. You will also be the first to know about Model Calls too! Make sure you sign up by hitting the reply and then send buttons to this email or the subscribe button in the left column below once you have filled in your email address if you are reading the blog! It’s free – what are you waiting for!

The Face of the Month - The Face of January

The Face of the Month Project with GT Studios Photography

February is already half way through and I still can’t believe January has finished! Where did the first month of 2018 go? I hope you have all settled in to work, school and a fresh routine for this year.

We have lots of exciting things to report for January and February. Too many to put in one snapshot really! We have been kept busy with client photo experiences as well as a few extra bits and pieces on the side. The 2017 winner of the “Girls Night In” Fund Raiser Gift Certificate had their photo session in January – such a delightful family to photograph – unfortunately we can’t share the family photos with you but we all had a great day!

The Winner of the Gift Certificate

The Winner!

Here are a few things we can share…….

  • Face of the Month

Each month we will be having a model call and if you are the person who best suits the call you will be given a free photo experience and feature on our Instagram, Facebook and Web page! You also get a digital copy of the images that we use. You will be able to use these images on your social media accounts. You don’t need to have modelling experience to be given a chance to participate – but if you are a model or hope to get in to modelling we will give you a feature in our newsletter too!
Face of the Month Project

The Face of January – Face of the Month Project

The Face of February

Our Face of February is no stranger to GT Studios. We would like to introduce you to Ellirah @ellirahmodels. We first met Ellirah last year, she came to our attention via Instagram. We knew then she had something special about her and looked forward to the upcoming photo experience. We were not disappointed!

Ellirah Wormald The Face of the MOnth Project with GT Studios Photograpphy

The Face of the Month Project – The Face of February – Ellirah Wormald @ellirah_models

After a full day of shooting, eight outfit changes, studio and outdoor locations, with over 800 images captured we were excited to look at what we had achieved. We were more than happy with the results!

The Face of February - Ellirah Wormald @ellirah_models

The Face of the Month Project Ellirah Wormald – The Face of February.

Ellirah had her first experience in modelling at 9. Coming runner up in a runway competition. She then did a photo session for Summer Dayz accommodation @summerdayz on the Yorke Peninsula. Ellirah told us she has always loved clothes and her Mum is quite handy with a camera (check out her food photos here) so it comes as second nature for her to be in front of a camera – she always remembers being photographed.
Face of the Month Project with GT Studios Photography

February’s Face of the Month – Ellirah Wormald @ellirah_wormald

A recent scholarship for community spirit has seen Ellirah and her family relocate to Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula.  The scholarship was for volunteering her time to children’s centres and on school projects that were of community benefit. 
Beautiful Ellirah Wormald, South Australian model.

The Face of February – Face of the Month Project – Ellirah Wormald

Ellirah has done ballet for the past nine years, and this year has graduated to pointe shoes (every ballet dancers dream!), as well as 3 years of Jazz and she will be adding Contemporary to the list this year too! She has also studied 12 months of acting and musical theatre.  Ellirah loves to play basketball and enjoys reading. Despite all these activities she still finds time to be with her family. She has 2 brothers – one of them is her twin! (by the way – her brother Jake is also an upcoming model!) Ellirah loves to go fishing and camping and she and her family have traveled around Australia. She enjoys playing with her two dogs and walking along the beach.
Ellirah - our Face of February

The Face of the Month Project – The Face of February – Ellirah Wormald @ellirah_models


When you ask Ellirah where she hopes modelling will take her she says she is keen to try it all but sensibly she knows you need to focus too and she would like her focus to be on being a print and runway model. Elle said she dreams of owning a Kopper and Zinc bathing suit and modelling a Paolo Sebastian gown – well that dream might be one step closer as we have heard since chatting to her that she and her brother Jake have now both been signed with Tanya Powell Model Agency  Powell Models. Congratulations Ellirah and Jake on another step forward in your modelling career – who knows – maybe we will get to photograph you wearing a Paolo Sebastian gown one day Ellirah!
  • International Publications

We are very excited to share with you that Graham is still on a roll with some beautiful images being published internationally – both in digital and print magazines. It all started last September with a digital publication in Fine EYE – Fine Art Magazine, this was then rapidly followed with print (and digital) publications in November in Fashion Kids Magazine, December with a double page spread in A La Mode Child-teen Magazine then a feature in Brand Model Magazine and quickly followed by two images featured in the January issue of Fashion Kids Magazine! A la Mode has now featured another image in their Winter Issue, Brand Model Magazine has again featured one of our images this year and we are eagerly awaiting some exciting news from a new Australian Magazine! More about that next newsletter!

Published in Fashion Kids, A La Mode Child-Teen Magazine and Brand Model Magazine

International Publications November 2017 to January 2018 – We have had six of our images printed in the pictured magazines!

  • Exhibition Update – extended until the end of February!

A huge thank you to everyone who went to see our Pure Essence Fine Art Photography Exhibition which was held in January at By Blackbird on King William Road. This was our first exhibition and we are so grateful to everyone who supported us in this venture. Thanks to the beautiful girls whose faces graced the walls of the café, the people who purchased our framed botanic wall art, and of course to Jin who approached us regarding the exhibition. Without his vision for local artists and small business we would not have had the opportunity. The great news is our wall art is still on display until the end of the month – some of the images have changed – so that gives you the perfect excuse to pop back in and have a fresh look – maybe purchase something for Saint Valentine’s Day, Easter or Mother’s Day – we love to solve your Gift List problems! While you are there remember to have a coffee and some mouth watering pastries or crepes!

Next Month:

  • Workshops – tell us what topics you want
  • Fine Art Projects
  • The Face of March
  • New Experiences on offer
  • Who is our Face of March
  • What’s New – latest products on offer
  • Recent Publications


  • If you want to be the Face of April make sure you follow GT Studios on Instagram and Like us on Facebook – keep your eyes open for our next Call Out – if you are the first person to meet the criteria you will have a chance to be featured!!!

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