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April Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

This Month:

Welcome to the GT Studios April Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings. Make sure you subscribe by replying yes to this email or filling in your email address if you are reading this on our web page and then hitting the subscribe button! You will receive an email in which you must click activate to ensure you get any future editions when you first subscribe!
Once again we have had another amazing and busy month – I hope you have also!

The Face of April

As I mentioned last month, we will be giving away a free photo experience every month for the Face of the Month Project. You can see some of the images from these photo experiences on our Instagram page and Facebook page.

Our Face of April had a musical theme and we had lots of applications. Some vocalists, flautists, keyboard/pianists, guitarists and a ukulele player but not everyone fulfilled the brief. I really struggled to choose a winner but Nyree impressed me with her application.

Day Dream Believer - The Face of April - Nyree

Day Dream Believer – The Face of April – Nyree

Nyree told me in her application that her two joys in life were her piano and being in front of a camera! She has been playing piano for less than a year but told me she was absolutely in love! She loves to listen to pop music but enjoys playing soft meaningful music. Of course, we didn’t expect Nyree to transport a piano or even a keyboard from her house to our studio – luckily we had one we could use for the photo experience and as you might have noticed from one of the sets of images on Instagram we even took it to the forest!

Sunshine on my Shoulder - Nyree - Face of April

Sunshine on my Shoulder – Nyree – Face of April

After some initial discussion about the photo experience we discovered that Nyree was also passionate about dance and it has been a part of her life for about 8 years – at 14 this means she has been doing it for more than half her life. She does ballet, jazz, and hip hop and is very excited to be starting on pointe next year – another big milestone in the life of a ballerina. We were delighted to discover Nyree danced so we incorporated dance in to the photo experience and we will hopefully showcase some of Nyree’s dance images next week on Instagram.

In to the Woods - Nyree - Face of April

In to the Woods – Nyree – Face of April

Nyree admits to being a very ambitious person and would like to be a model or marine biologist in the future. She understands that both these careers require a lot of hard work but is prepared to put in the time and effort. She would also like to travel to France as she loves all things chic and is a big lover of fashion.

Where words fail music speaks - I would like to think we could say that about our photography too!

Where words fail music speaks – I would like to think we could say that about our photography too!

The Face of the Month for May has been decided and I am very excited to announce that our winner is Courtney – her application was everything I was looking for! We are really looking forward to meeting her next week and sharing some images with you next month. Our theme for May is Quirky but Cool so we are keen to see how Courtney, Graham and I will work together to achieve this interesting Geeky look – this promises to be a fun photo experience!!!

National Publications

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Once again we are very happy to announce that Graham has had a double page feature in Madison Fashion Magazine thanks to the amazing Maddy. She has had her bio published in the magazine and looks fabulous! Congratulations Maddy and Graham.

What did you say? Maddy in full swing

What did you say? Maddy in full swing

Model Portfolio

One of the services that we provide is a Model Portfolio Photo Session. We have recently had the pleasure of adding to Jemma’s model portfolio. As an emerging talent she had an impressive portfolio already but we were delighted to be able to add our style to her collection.

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside - Jemma at her portfolio Session

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside – Jemma at her portfolio Session

Jemma was a dream to work with – vivacious, bubbly and bright – she easily transformed her look from one outfit to the next and took direction with ease. We feel sure Jemma will be a sought after model on the catwalk and at fashion shoots and we look forward to another opportunity to work with her.

Be Someones Sunshine Today - Jemmas portfolio session

Be Someones Sunshine Today – Jemmas portfolio session

Jemma’s hobbies are netball, dance, fashion and drawing. When she leaves school she would love to become a fashion designer and still do modelling as well! She hopes to complete her certificate ll and lll in fashion design during her schooling years of 11 and 12. Jemma started modelling last year when she came runner up in the AZALEA Models Rural Model Search and from then has absolutely loved being a model, having the opportunity to do several cat walks/runways and editorial photo shoots already.  Having worked for a hair and beauty salon and a fashion clothing store Jemma is always aware of the latest trends.

Sweet as Sugar - Jemma completely transformed at her Portfolio Session

Sweet as Sugar – Jemma completely transformed at her Portfolio Session

Like most models travelling to Paris is on the bucket list! However – for Jemma – it’s because she wants to climb the Eiffel Tower! Life is not all about modelling for Jemma though – she has a strong desire to travel to Cambodia or Indonesia too as she would like to help build homes or schools for people who need them. Family is also important to Jemma and one of her favourite holidays was a trip to Airlie Beach in Queensland because she traveled with a big group of family friends. She also loves time on the river with her family wake boarding and knee boarding.

You can see more images of Jemma on our Instagram account at @gtstudiosphotography

Birthday Photo Experience

We have had a lot of people asking about birthday packages and we are very excited to announce that we will now be offering several birthday packages to suit your budget!

Ava's Birthday Photo Experience

Ava’s Birthday Photo Experience

Whether you want a photo experience on your own or with friends, simple but sweet or all the trimmings, refreshments and a birthday cake or even to do a cake smash will all determine how we plan your unique event!

It's Your Birthday Photo Experience

It’s Your Birthday Photo Experience

If this sounds like something you would like to do to celebrate your birthday make sure you contact me today – the first three people to book and pay for their photo experience will get a 10% discount.

Why not make it a "Cake Smash" - Why should 1 year olds have all the fun?

Why not make it a “Cake Smash” – Why should 1 year olds have all the fun?

We have also decided to theme our Face of the Month for June around the launch of this new Photo Experience so if you have a birthday in May, June or July and would like to celebrate by having a Birthday Photo Experience with two of your Besties make sure you enter the competition when I announce that it is open – it will be the best prize of the year!!!!

Next Month:

  • Workshops – local and regional areas – do you want us to visit you? If so give me a call so we can add your location to our travel list.
  • New Experiences on offer – Diva, A little often – more on these soon!
  • Latest products on offer – Folio Boxes and  The Teegan – you will want this on your wall!
  • The Click – our exclusive club for girls who have attended photography experiences or workshops with GT Studios – more on this next month!

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories,


Phone 0481 190 163 or contact us if you would like to book your session or find out more about this newsletter.

A Princess For A Day

Princess For A Day

Miss E was pretty excited! She was booked in for a Princess Photo Experience – she would get to wear a Princess dress, have a floral crown and use a lace parasol as a prop too. She packed some of her own pretty dresses, hair clips and shoes and then hopped in to the car with her Mum and big brother and they made their way to the photo session location.

Princess For A Day

Princess For A Day

The location was one of our favourite parks in the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide. It is green and leafy and the perfect spot for the images we had planned for that day.

We set up our portable change room and Miss E was soon looking amazing. The photo experience began, a little shy at first but Graham soon made her feel comfortable and relaxed. Her brother joined in with some of the photos in this session too and before long everyone was having a great time.

Brother and Sister duo made a great impression at their photo experience

Brother and Sister duo made a great impression at their photo experience

Unfortunately, due to excitement, Miss E did not eat much breakfast. Suddenly a cry from big brother and our Princess was fainting. That was an experience no one was expecting – however we always come prepared with nibbles and lots of water – and after some re-hydration and a snack our beautiful Princess was back on her feet again giving us the best images!

Princess For A Day

Princess For A Day

This amazing brother and sister duo went on to have a half day photo experience with some wonderful images that I will share in future blogs. If you would like more information about how GT Studios could help you plan a  Photo Experience for your little Princess please give me a call – I would love to chat to you about all the options.

Until the next time I blog, I hope you make the most of every day,

Karen (phone: 0481 190 163)


When one person asks for bubbles…..

When a Family Photo Experience starts off with the youngest member noticing my bubble machine the only way to move forward was to promise that we would use the bubble machine later in the session.

Five year old boys have amazing memories when it comes to bubbles and promises so after a lot of photos I agreed to switch on the machine!

I was pretty sure that the other family members were not all that keen on the idea of bubbles but I assured them it would be a bit of fun and they would be under no pressure to purchase these images. Just let this little boy have his moment.

As you can see from the set of bubble images everyone got  in on the act and I think they ended up being a fantastic set showing the real side of this family – natural, relaxed and fun loving.

This gorgeous family were great clients and we loved every minute of their session. We even got a bit emotional when we reviewed the images at the end of the day – that’s when we know we captured the essence of the people involved – that’s why we do what we do and why we love doing it!

Contact Karen and Graham today to arrange you free consultation.

Planning Your Photo Experience

At GT Studios we love getting to know you before your photo experience. The best way to plan a photo experience is by meeting with us and telling us about your dreams for the photo you have in mind. We offer both indoor studio experiences and outdoor natural light experiences and we discuss all the options when we are helping our clients create their perfect photo experience.

Princess Moment – an example of an indoor studio portrait

Sometimes all you want is a beautiful simple portrait for your wall. Sometimes you want to create an amazing themed experience with fancy dresses, floral crowns and props. Your imagination is the only thing that holds you back! We would love to offer you a chance to experience this. No matter how simple or grand, together, we can create beautiful art for your wall.

Picnic in the Sunflowers

Picnic in the Sunflowers – an example of a photo experience with the lot! Props, floral crowns, secret location!!!

Call Karen or Graham today to schedule your planning consultation.

Behind The Scenes

I thought I would show a few behind the scenes images today. Graham is our primary photographer at GT Studios and I am there as back up/second photographer and assistant. That means that all the amazing high quality images of people have come from Graham and the candid on the spot images are sometimes mine!

Let the Sun Shine

Let the Sun Shine (c)2017 Karen Tipper

At our recent beach photo experience I was able to catch a few of those moments. Not images that we would sell to our clients but images that do usually capture the moment!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes (c)2017 Karen Tipper

I think the images I caught on this day did show the commitment of both Graham and our little ballerinas. It was windy and the waves were quite unpredictable with a rough sea. I can tell you now that all three ended up very wet that day.


Splash (c)2017 Karen Tipper

Talk to Karen or Graham today if you would like more information about creating a unique photo experience. Book a free pre-session consultation and start making your dream a reality.

A Sea Breeze

We recently had a chance to create some memories at one of South Australia’s beautiful beaches with some gorgeous little girls.

Two pretty young girls on the beach.

We knew the look we needed to capture and we had the perfect little dresses in our collection. We had recently purchased them from Dollcake and had not yet had the perfect opportunity to use them.

Paddling in the shallows

All the stars and planets aligned and we had an awesome time! Unfortunately the sea breeze was a little more than a breeze at times – but not quite a gale – it didn’t matter – in fact it gave a beautiful effect in the end. These are just a couple of images from the session. The behind the scenes images show what it was really like but that is another blog post for another day…….

Contact Karen or Graham today to book your pre-session consultation  – let’s chat about your hopes and dreams for that magic photo!

Not always dressed in a dress!

I can’t deny it – I love when our clients ask if their cute little girls can “dress up” in some of the GT Studios wardrobe for their photo sessions. We have an ever growing supply of beautiful dresses, tutus and various props. However, not all our clients want to wear dresses!!

Every girl loves to dress up

Every girl loves to dress up

Sometimes they just want to be dressed in their play clothes and that’s ok too! We were able to capture some beautiful moments during this photo session. Angel had already been dressed in some “girly” dresses, a tutu, and her highland dancing kilt. We had taken some indoor shots and then progressed to the beautiful parkland area outside to capture some natural light images.

Heading out

Heading out

If it is time to update the family photos or capture some special moments while your little cutie still wants to dress up contact Karen or Graham today and let us help you design the perfect session to suit your needs. Together we can create beautiful memories that will last forever.

Bathed in natural light

Bathed in natural light


The Face Of GT Studios is Growing Up

A lot of people ask us about the little face on our GT Studios business cards, logo, Avatar, etc. They want to know who she is and how she came to be “The Face” that we chose.


Follow me: GT Studios | Facebook | Instagram

Little Miss C has been a part of our lives since she was a baby. She has always been a natural in front of the camera and was always willing to look down the lens when we needed her to. We have watched her grow and change but she has always remained a sheer delight to photograph.

Patiently waiting for the Easter Bunny.

Patiently waiting for the Easter Bunny. #Dollcakevintage

Her parents have been amazing in the support they have given us. Always allowing us to take up their time as we became totally immersed in one photo session after another. Over the last four years we have been lucky enough to add another two delightful little cuties from this family to our group of models that we use to promote our photography business.

Little cutie leaning out the play-house window.

Little cutie leaning out the play-house window. #Vintage #madebymum #mydress

We are always happy to add to our group of willing models and will be doing a model call soon to promote some of the gorgeous new outfits in the GT Studios wardrobe. If you know someone who might be interested  contact Graham or Karen today for more details.

Cheeky cute blue eyed, blonde haired toddler girl leaning on bed-end.

Cheeky cute blue eyed, blonde haired toddler girl leaning on bed-end.

Off the wall Ukuleles - award winning image

Off The Wall Ukuleles

January is traditionally a time to look forward and make plans for the rest of the year – don’t get me wrong – we at GT Studios have been doing a lot of that this month – but we thought it was also a great time to look back at the year that was and take note of what we have achieved in the last 12 months. We were so busy that we sometimes forgot to mention some of the achievements we gained along the way!

Pano Awards Bronze for Off The Wall Ukuleles

Pano Awards Bronze for Off The Wall Ukuleles

Off the wall Ukuleles - award winning image

Off the wall Ukuleles – award winning image

Graham entered three panoramas into the Epson International pano awards last year. The image above received a bronze award and the other 2 images were 1 point and 2 points off of receiving a bronze award. Not a bad effort for his first attempt at this competition!

The Ukulele shop featured in the first panorama can be found on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii in Kapaa town.

Dark clouds over the curvy black tar and the black volcanic rock near Iceland’s Kleifarvatn lake

Iceland and Hawaii are two of our favourite outdoor landscape photography locations. The natural light in both theses wonders of nature are amazing and reinforce why we love doing what we do!

Panorama of the Honolulu skyline at night.

If you click on any of the images it will make them bigger!


The Great Outdoors

Graham and I are not really camping people! So, when we suggest an outdoor photo experience it is more than likely going to be with a lovely client dressed in a gorgeous outfit, and we do our best to make them them feel  super special and let nature speak for itself.

Angel in the moment

Angel in the moment – with Fairy Dust editing.

Don’t get me wrong, we love being outside in the gardens and forests and national parks that we are so lucky to have here. You just need to check out any of our holiday destinations to see that we really appreciate nature, but we really appreciate the beauty in all our clients too. We make it our task to capture life’s moments with them while they are out in the natural light. We like to give them the opportunity to wear some of the outfits we have in our collection so that it is not the clothes that they have been seen in before. We do tend to specialise in girls that like to dress in beautiful party dresses – I think that is because that is what I am comfortable with too!

Every girl loves to dress up

Every girl loves to dress up – with Radiant and Refreshing editing

Even when we have had the pleasure of meeting girls who want to be “Bad” and wear only casual jeans and look tough for their photos they still end up choosing something beautiful from the collection in the end.  I think deep down, when there is no pressure from anyone, most girls secretly want to be a Princess and get dressed up and twirl around!!

Angel in the forest

Angel in the forest – with Black Opal editing