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The Great Outdoors

Graham and I are not really camping people! So, when we suggest an outdoor photo experience it is more than likely going to be with a lovely client dressed in a gorgeous outfit, and we do our best to make them them feel  super special and let nature speak for itself.

Angel in the moment

Angel in the moment – with Fairy Dust editing.

Don’t get me wrong, we love being outside in the gardens and forests and national parks that we are so lucky to have here. You just need to check out any of our holiday destinations to see that we really appreciate nature, but we really appreciate the beauty in all our clients too. We make it our task to capture life’s moments with them while they are out in the natural light. We like to give them the opportunity to wear some of the outfits we have in our collection so that it is not the clothes that they have been seen in before. We do tend to specialise in girls that like to dress in beautiful party dresses – I think that is because that is what I am comfortable with too!

Every girl loves to dress up

Every girl loves to dress up – with Radiant and Refreshing editing

Even when we have had the pleasure of meeting girls who want to be “Bad” and wear only casual jeans and look tough for their photos they still end up choosing something beautiful from the collection in the end.  I think deep down, when there is no pressure from anyone, most girls secretly want to be a Princess and get dressed up and twirl around!!

Angel in the forest

Angel in the forest – with Black Opal editing


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”

During a recent Winter Wonderland Christmas Photo Experience, our beautiful clients were in the dressing room changing their outfits and it was the perfect opportunity for our GT Studios Christmas Tree to make a quick costume change too! It started the day in purple and gold but with a magical twirl it matched the next outfits perfectly.

Miss T just loved  this outfit from Little Rainbow Boutique and so do I. The minute she put it on she wanted to hold her skirt out and strike a pose! Not a bad effort for a little girl.

Big sister then put on a great show too! These images will make the most gorgeous personalised Christmas cards.

GT Studios Christmas Experience

GT Studios Christmas Experience

All our Winter Wonderland Christmas Photo Experiences are over for this year, but if you are thinking about some beautiful images for your family please contact us for a free consultation so that we can discuss your needs. Gift certificates are also available and would make a lovely gift for someone special this year.