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September Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

Welcome to the GT Studios Monthly Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings.

This month has seen Spring finally arrive – not a minute too soon as far as I am concerned. That doesn’t mean we have had perfect weather for every photo experience but we have at least seen more sunshine! Even if the wind has been a little challenging for hats and flower crowns!!!

Face of August – with last month’s Snapshot giving you an insight in to what makes us click we didn’t really highlight our activities for August so I would love to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing efforts that our Faces of August went to.

Yes – we had two girls qualify for the Face of August – the hardest part of my job is choosing a winner. We don’t randomly pick our winners. We take time to look at their profile – we pay attention to the way they interact with our social media pages and the way they apply to the competition. You don’t just like, share and tag – that’s not what the real world is really like. We treat it as a job interview!!! Our two winners were an excellent choice and went above and beyond – Ebony chose the fashion of the 80’s and 90’s as her theme and she channeled the Spice Girls in every outfit.

Face of August - Ebony

Face of August – Ebony – Channeling the Spice Girls

Savana chose the 70’s as her fashion era and we really saw an amazing progression through the decade – In the 1970’s Vogue proclaimed “There are no rules in the fashion game now” – so we had Savana dressed in boho, hippy, folk and mini skirts!

Face of August - Savana

Face of August – Savana – Peace, love and flowers – what more do you need.


Face of September – For September we had a simple theme of Spring but really wanted to try some different concepts. We once again had several applicants that fitted the role – it breaks my heart to say sorry to the girls that don’t win. However, I decided that Zoe was the person who had interacted sincerely with our brand for some time and I was convinced I had made the right choice as soon as she walked through the door!

This experience has proven already to be amazingly successful with two of Zoe’s photos being featured on a European (Swiss) Fashion Magazines Web site – 2 days in a row! We are very excited and grateful to Faces Magazine FacesBeauty for the feature. Congratulations Zoe – true natural beauty – inside and out! When a fashion magazine comments on the beautiful makeup and it is natural apart from Graham’s excellent editing skills we are over the moon. This is what we are about!!!! Reassuring girls that they are beautiful just the way they are! You can vote for Zoe here until October 5th


Published – Zoe is not the only one who has been popping up all over the place!

We have had an extremely eventful few months in the magazine world. Starting with Issue 14 of Madison Fashion Magazine with 5 of our GT Studios Ambassadors appearing on the Front Cover as well as a gorgeous 10 page editorial! There were also some fun photos in there of 4 of the ambassadors holding their Issue 10 magazines that they were featured in.

Issue 14 Madison Fashion Magazine Editorial

Issue 14 Madison Fashion Magazine Editorial

Our three girls from a recent dance session, Alex, Jordan and Riley were delighted to be featured in an eight page editorial in Issue 18 – White – of Madison Fashion Magazine. This is an Australian based magazine but accepting submissions worldwide so we were very happy with this result. Congratulations girls!

Riley, Jordan and Alex - Issue 18 White - Believe Editorial - Madison Fashion Magazine

Riley, Jordan and Alex – Issue 18 White – Believe Editorial – Madison Fashion Magazine

It didn’t stop there – we were delighted to have a total of 20 photos featured in issue 18 of Madison Fashion Magazine – congratulations also go to Ellirah, Miki, Mackenzie and Emi. Special congratulations go to Hannah who was given a 5 page feature and announced as the model of the moment. This was a great achievement and she was presented with a $200 gift voucher from Luv Ur Skin – a young Australian company specialising in Skincare products for tweens and teens – so perfect for GT Studios Photography!! Hannah was also featured in the Instagram story for Faces of our World. One of our younger clients Makenzie has also been featured on Diamonds Camera Video and Digital Instagram feed!

Hannah - Model of the Moment - Issue 18 - White - Madison Fashion Magazine Take time to do the things that make your soul happy.

Hannah – Model of the Moment – Issue 18 – White – Madison Fashion Magazine Take time to do the things that make your soul happy.

It doesn’t end there! Jordan has had an AMAZING run of features and also had her dance photos published in two USA based magazines. An all dance issue of Brand Model Magazine and the very first issue of Dancing Life Magazine.

Elle and her Brothers – we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our long distance Ambassadors back in July – it was lovely working with Ellirah Wormald again. This time we had the chance to work with her brothers Jake and Parker as well! It’s about a year ago that our paths crossed initially – first a portfolio shoot with Elle then at ASOTY 2017 (Australian Supermodel of the Year Auditions with Jake). SO much has happened with this amazing family. A sea change has seen them move from Gawler to Port Lincoln but thankfully we still get the chance to catch up and Elle is an awesome ambassador. We have already featured some photos from the photo experience in July but we will be featuring more again soon. The shoot ranged from some traditional family shots to some nontraditional family shots. We loved pairing Elle and Parker together – a bond between twins – I think so!!! Parker has not yet jumped in to the world of modelling – I wonder what it will take to convince him he should?  We entered in to the fantasy realm that day and Ellirah and Jake acted out an amazing story of Kingdom, preparation, loyalty, bravery and strength – I’m looking forward to sharing that editorial with you soon! Then to finish the day we focused on Elle’s dance and ballet skills – what an amazing end to a perfect day.


So why am I featuring a July photo shoot in the September Snapshot? This is a huge week for Elle as she will be taking part in this year’s Australian Supermodel of the year Auditions (ASOTY 2018) on Thursday. We are so impressed with the growth we saw in less than a year between photo shoots. Her poise, confidence and grace as well as her ability to express had all improved so much. We will be thinking of Elle this week and sending our very best wishes and positive vibes her way! You can vote for her here

Ellirah Wormald - Teen model and Dancer

Ellirah Wormald – Teen model and Dancer

Fields of Canola – yes – it’s that time of year – I love the chance to get out to our beautiful country that we are so blessed to have – we have an amazing Farming Community and we were granted permission this year to photograph the gorgeous Jemma Linke in some amazing locations this month. Where do I start….. of course, canola fields of mellow shades of gold and vibrant shades of yellow, the yellow continued when Jemma took control of some of the farm machinery – we won’t mention the lack of control I showed at this point LOL!! We had smoke and flames, graffiti, trucks, fields of barley with a touch of Boho and then we had Jemma’s inner rock chick appear channeling some very cool 70’s vibes in an amazing ruin. We had an awesome day!

Jemma Linke - on the farm

Jemma Linke – on the farm

Preparation for Octobers Fundraiser – by mid September we found ourselves in full swing for #Frocktober 2018 so instead of cramming all the details here I will send another snapshot in the near future introducing you to the beautiful Emma Schulz from Elouise Designs as well as some of the other companies who have come on board and shown their support. If you want a sneak peek you can go here for details about the event or you can go here to donate directly to our campaign page.

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Life’s Memories – Karen



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Pure Essence – A Fine Art Photo Exhibition

Happy New Year everyone! A great start to 2018 for GT Studios – we have been invited by Jin from By Blackbird on King William Road at Goodwood to exhibit some of our work. We are so excited to be given this opportunity.

We observed this short eared owl for about an hour whilst it caught rodents and fed its chicks. Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, USA


The hardest part for us was deciding on a theme – when we are not photographing children we have quite an eclectic collection – we both have a very different way of looking at the same thing and this is actually a really good thing! At first we thought we would present “The Owl and the Pussycat” – Graham took some awesome images of an owl when we were in America and we both have a huge collection of cats both large and small from all over the world. On reflection we decided that this was perhaps not appealing enough to a wider audience.


We then gave our light painting and abstract work some consideration – however, this too is fairly restrictive in its appeal!

We eventually decided that we both took images of flowers and flowers featured in a lot of photo experiences with our clients too. Perhaps we should exhibit our flowers…..

For flowers and girls – it’s the little details that matter

Most of our photography these days revolves around children – but we still find ourselves photographing flowers. Sometimes it is in conjunction with a photo experience; sometimes it is when we are enjoying some down-time in some of the beautiful gardens we visit both locally and when on holiday.

Sweet Sunshine

Sweet Sunshine

When we put this collection together for the exhibition we realised that Pure Essence was fitting for both our Flower Collection on display and for sale as well as our Photo Experiences that we offer.

Blue Agapanthus, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, South Australia

In philosophy, essence is the property or set of properties that make an entity or substance what it fundamentally is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity – this is what we try to capture when you look into our lens.

Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden.

We photograph flowers so their essence doesn’t fade – we create photographic art capturing the essence of children so the memories last forever.

We would love to see you at the official opening of the exhibition on Saturday 6th of January 2pm -5pm

See all the details in the invitation above.

If you have any questions please contact me

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories – Karen


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Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers And Lace

With a brief appearance of Spring I thought it was a great time to showcase some of the beautiful new items in the GT Studios wardrobe.  Today’s selection is from the “Flowers and Lace” collection. With neutral cream tones and a hint of Spring Shades as highlights, these dresses, hats and floral crowns are perfect for the Spring Photo Experience sessions that we still have available.

Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers and Lace – Spring Collection. Neutral tones of cream with delicate embroidery in shades of Spring.

Both plain cream and floral dresses are available in an assortment of sizes. Some with fine embroidery or sequins others with tulle or organza. All with some sweet little feature to make them special.

Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers and Lace – Spring Collection. Delightful Spring Floral Crowns that perfectly match the tulle covered dress.

We have several floral crowns, head bands, hats and other accessories available that are a perfect match for these dresses this season and I am really looking forward to seeing them in the upcoming Spring Photo Experiences.

Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers and Lace – Spring Collection. Sequins and sparkles for that special occasion.

While the floral dresses and accessories are perfect for an outdoor photo experience the more formal dresses often lend themselves more to a studio session although the sequins do look amazing when they catch a bit of sunshine!

Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers and Lace – Spring Collection. Sunflowers and Daisies make the perfect floral crown.

There is an option to have a floral crown hand crafted with love for your unique photo experience if you would prefer to have fresh flowers or you can choose from the ready made collection.

Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers and Lace – Spring Collection. We have many hats to compliment our dresses.

Hats and headbands are just as popular as floral crowns.

Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers and Lace – Spring Collection. These exquisite roses are a beautiful head band and are a perfect match with several of this seasons dresses.

The Spring Photo Experiences are available from now until the end of November. If you have someone who you think would love to dress up in pretty dresses, floral crowns and hats then don’t wait. Contact Karen today to book your free no obligation consultation while there are still some available sessions. You can email, sms, PM on Facebook, DM on Instagram or call on 0481 190  163

Flowers and Lace - Spring Collection

Flowers and Lace – Spring Collection. Just add some sequins and you are set for any occasion.




A Princess For A Day

Princess For A Day

Miss E was pretty excited! She was booked in for a Princess Photo Experience – she would get to wear a Princess dress, have a floral crown and use a lace parasol as a prop too. She packed some of her own pretty dresses, hair clips and shoes and then hopped in to the car with her Mum and big brother and they made their way to the photo session location.

Princess For A Day

Princess For A Day

The location was one of our favourite parks in the Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide. It is green and leafy and the perfect spot for the images we had planned for that day.

We set up our portable change room and Miss E was soon looking amazing. The photo experience began, a little shy at first but Graham soon made her feel comfortable and relaxed. Her brother joined in with some of the photos in this session too and before long everyone was having a great time.

Brother and Sister duo made a great impression at their photo experience

Brother and Sister duo made a great impression at their photo experience

Unfortunately, due to excitement, Miss E did not eat much breakfast. Suddenly a cry from big brother and our Princess was fainting. That was an experience no one was expecting – however we always come prepared with nibbles and lots of water – and after some re-hydration and a snack our beautiful Princess was back on her feet again giving us the best images!

Princess For A Day

Princess For A Day

This amazing brother and sister duo went on to have a half day photo experience with some wonderful images that I will share in future blogs. If you would like more information about how GT Studios could help you plan a  Photo Experience for your little Princess please give me a call – I would love to chat to you about all the options.

Until the next time I blog, I hope you make the most of every day,

Karen (phone: 0481 190 163)


Planning Your Photo Experience

At GT Studios we love getting to know you before your photo experience. The best way to plan a photo experience is by meeting with us and telling us about your dreams for the photo you have in mind. We offer both indoor studio experiences and outdoor natural light experiences and we discuss all the options when we are helping our clients create their perfect photo experience.

Princess Moment – an example of an indoor studio portrait

Sometimes all you want is a beautiful simple portrait for your wall. Sometimes you want to create an amazing themed experience with fancy dresses, floral crowns and props. Your imagination is the only thing that holds you back! We would love to offer you a chance to experience this. No matter how simple or grand, together, we can create beautiful art for your wall.

Picnic in the Sunflowers

Picnic in the Sunflowers – an example of a photo experience with the lot! Props, floral crowns, secret location!!!

Call Karen or Graham today to schedule your planning consultation.

The Face Of GT Studios is Growing Up

A lot of people ask us about the little face on our GT Studios business cards, logo, Avatar, etc. They want to know who she is and how she came to be “The Face” that we chose.


Follow me: GT Studios | Facebook | Instagram

Little Miss C has been a part of our lives since she was a baby. She has always been a natural in front of the camera and was always willing to look down the lens when we needed her to. We have watched her grow and change but she has always remained a sheer delight to photograph.

Patiently waiting for the Easter Bunny.

Patiently waiting for the Easter Bunny. #Dollcakevintage

Her parents have been amazing in the support they have given us. Always allowing us to take up their time as we became totally immersed in one photo session after another. Over the last four years we have been lucky enough to add another two delightful little cuties from this family to our group of models that we use to promote our photography business.

Little cutie leaning out the play-house window.

Little cutie leaning out the play-house window. #Vintage #madebymum #mydress

We are always happy to add to our group of willing models and will be doing a model call soon to promote some of the gorgeous new outfits in the GT Studios wardrobe. If you know someone who might be interested  contact Graham or Karen today for more details.

Cheeky cute blue eyed, blonde haired toddler girl leaning on bed-end.

Cheeky cute blue eyed, blonde haired toddler girl leaning on bed-end.

Staying Focused

Finding the prize through the leaves.
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As we get back in to the swing of work and the daily routine of every day life I started to think about all the distractions that are part of our life these days. Staying focused is not only great advice for photographers but great advice for everyone who wants to move forward or be challenged or grow this year.

Earlier this week we were fortunate enough to have some time to wander through our beautiful Adelaide Botanic Garden. A favourite spot of mine, somewhere that I could spend hours soaking up the beauty and trying hard to capture the atmosphere and charm so that we can then share it with others. We had limited time this day and so I had to remind myself that I did not have hours but had to remain totally focused on the reason why I went there. This time of year is perfect for the Amazonian Lily, the Sacred Lotus and as it happens the rather pungent smelling Corpse flower was on the verge of flowering yet again!!

As we stood on the edge of the Nelumbo Pond I remarked to Graham that my challenge this year was to capture a different photo from previous years. I wanted to have something that showed the sacredness of this beautiful plant. Well, I am quite happy with my images but today’s feature photo is not mine but one that Graham took that day.

“Finding the Prize through the Leaves” does exactly what today’s blog is about. It highlights the sacredness of the lotus, it shows the importance of staying focused and hints at the leaves as the distractions that could so easily pull us away from what is important in our life whether that is the people, our job or some other goal or passion.  I hope you find your prize through the leaves this year.

All our images are available to purchase. Contact Karen or Graham for details.

Summer At Last

At last Summer has arrived – it seems Spring decided not to make an appearance this year but that’s ok – bring on those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer – picnics in the park – fields of flowers – and so many opportunities for a photo experience.

Mikayla amongst the daisies, watching the clouds

Mikayla amongst the daisies, watching the clouds

What ever the occasion, let GT Studios capture life’s moments for you. Contact Karen or Graham for your free consultation to discuss your photographic needs.



Photo Experience in the Park this Sunday

Let GT Studios help you create an experience you will cherish forever! From as little as $100 investment and 30 minutes of your time you can enjoy a “Photo Experience in the Park”. Book your unique session by calling Karen or Graham today on 0481 190 163 and have your images ready to give as Christmas gifts or Christmas greetings cards!! (Your choice of formal, casual or themed experience – depending on your budget and length of session that you book.)



There are only a few days left to book your session for the Photo Experience in the Park on the 16th of October – don’t miss out! You can make this session as formal or casual as you want! Call Karen today 0481 190 163!!



If you would prefer to have your session in the comfort of your own home or our home studio we will be happy to discuss available dates with you. If you would like an outdoor session but the 16th of October doesn’t work for you we would be happy to discuss other locations and dates. (an additional cost of a permit may apply depending on which outdoor location you request if you do not book the 16th of October)

Marcus and Mikayla

Marcus and Mikayla

Come to the Market!

Are you going stir crazy with this weather we have been having? Need something nice to do this weekend? Want an indoor venue to wander around for a while – come and visit our stall at the Wayville Market this Sunday 2nd of October and Monday 3rd of October from 9am till 4pm – you will find us in the Cattle Pavilion if the weather is wet and windy or outside on the lawn if the weather is nice! Check it out – Leader Street, Wayville.

Fairy Mischief

Fairy Mischief

The Wayville Market promises to be full of amazing stalls with lots of variety and something for everyone – vintage, retro, homewares, jewelry, arts & crafts, collectables and of course photography!

Hand in hand - they are on an amazing journey together.

Hand in hand – they are on an amazing journey together.

There will be a cafe and live music too. With over 50 stalls you are bound to find something that takes your fancy!