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Mostly Girls Magazine

Mostly Girls Magazine

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Mostly Girls Magazine Events

Mostly Girls Magazine is deeply committed to helping young people. To this end, we run or are associated with a variety of events. Visit the Events Page to see more details.

What is Mostly Girls Magazine?

Mostly Girls Magazine is a print and digital magazine. It features members of the Arts community of many varieties, and includes interviews and educational content from and for members of the Arts community. Mostly Girls Magazine has a particular focus on younger, emerging artists who are not yet well established, with the intention of providing a means of enhancing their exposure to other arts community members leading to improved opportunities for growth.

It’s called Mostly Girls Magazine mainly because most of the artists that the publishers have had dealings with have been female, and all the other names we wanted to use had already been taken! It is not gender exclusive – anyone may feature.

Can I be featured in Mostly Girls Magazine?

Mostly Girls Magazine is looking for feature stories and photos from artists and emerging artists. We require professional quality images and quality text; if you already have this, please discuss your submission with Karen. If you need to create images showing your art, we would like to suggest you book a session with GT Studios Photography, who will be happy to assist. There will be a fee for submission, but this fee guarantees your appearance in the magazine and your own copy of the magazine.

What is Mostly Girls Magazine’s objective?

Mostly Girls Magazine provides a platform for raising awareness and increasing exposure for young models, actors and entertainers. This is achieved through:

  • promotional posting on the Mostly Girls Instagram feed
  • features in Mostly Girls print magazine

Can boys apply?

Absolutely! If you’re a talented male with passion for your art, to us you are just as interesting.


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