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The Teegan

July Snapshot GT Studios Photography

Oh no – that can’t possibly be the date – are you sure it’s August?

July has flown by for us here at GT Studios and has probably been one of our busiest months ever – far too much to mention in one newsletter!

We are so grateful to all our wonderful new clients and the support we have had from their families as well as the amazing support we continue to receive from our Ambassadors and their families, our followers on Instagram and Facebook and the many Accounts and Pages that have featured our photos over the last month. The feedback and comments we have received lately have reassured us that we do what we do for all the right reasons. We love what we do – and when your work is your passion it really doesn’t feel like work!

Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life – we have received some heart-warming feedback this month about the changes we have helped make in the lives of some young people – perhaps we can change the life of someone you love too! Building self confidence and self esteem is so important in today’s society. Our beautiful Teegan art work (our top feature image on our snapshot) is a huge 75cmx100cm frameless matte art image and has had such an impact on our clients as they enter the studio that people are telling us that they are actually dreaming about it! That is the effect that large scale wall art can have on people and why we urge our clients to have their beautiful work printed and go as big as their space permits – this action is a lasting statement of loyalty love and commitment to their child.

As always we welcome you to the GT Studios Monthly Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings. By the way – what do you think of the new lay-out? We seem to have lost our galleries – but hopefully by our August Snapshot we will have them back!

  • The Face of July – Winter

For our Face of July we felt it was appropriate that we celebrated winter – even if I don’t really like winter! I was surprised at the amount of applications – who knew winter would be popular!

Goodbye to Autumn

Our Face of July – Mackenzie – Goodbye to Autumn

We chose Mackenzie as our winner this month. She presented an amazing application – she answered all the questions that I asked. She gave enough detail without going overboard. She was believable and sincere.

Red Berries

Face of July – Mackenzie – Winter – Red Berries

Her original plan was to have a friend with her but due to circumstances beyond her control she attended the photo shoot without her friend. As teen and tween portrait photographers we were fine with this as we were able to give Mackenzie the attention that we would give our usual clients. We planned the session in detail and captured many aspects of winter – we even managed to incorporate some snow, Christmas and hot chocolate!

Christmas Wishes

Face of July – Mackenzie – Christmas Wishes – Christmas in July

When Mackenzie returned for her Reveal and Select session we asked if she would do us a favour and do another little mini session as I had been able to find some beautiful red berries for a winter head piece. She jumped at the chance! She showed such enthusiasm and worked so well that we asked her to stay a bit longer and do some model work for us that evening. By the end of the night we were pretty sure we wanted to invite her to become part of the team! After a chat with the other ambassadors we were delighted to contact Mackenzie and now we are very excited to say that she is our 7th official GT Studios Ambassador. In the months ahead we will introduce you to each of our ambassadors.

We have already showcased images for July on Instagram but these are just a few in case you missed them! You can follow us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/gtstudiosphotography


  • Christmas

On the topic of Christmas – did you know it is less than 5 months until the big day!!!! It is never too early to start planning your Christmas Gift List or that Christmas card list either.

At GT Studios we believe that receiving a beautiful personalised Christmas card is so much nicer than an sms or digital greeting – it shows you have put in some thought and effort. We also believe that customised wall art or a carefully planned album is one of the nicest gifts you can give to someone who holds a special place in your heart. Have you thought about a gift from GT Studios – it might be for a parent, grandparent, or child. We also offer gift certificates so if you know someone who would jump at the chance of one of our photo experiences then a Gift Certificate is the perfect option.  We will be there on every step of the journey – whether it is to plan a photo experience or plan an album or choose which photo to place on your wall. Let us help you this Christmas! Don’t leave it too late to order – quality takes time!

If you have had a photo experience with GT Studios now is the time to have a look at your proof sheets and choose which of those beautiful photos you will choose as your Christmas Gifts and cards this year.  Of course we are happy to help you choose – just call and we can discuss your images with you. If you have misplaced your proof sheets give me a call and we can arrange replacements.


If you need a new photo experience for your Christmas Photos your experience must be before the end of October to ensure delivery for Christmas! August is now fully booked.


  • Magazines Arrived

As I mentioned last month – we had some of our beautiful girls featured in Issue 10 and Issue 11 of Madison Fashion Magazine. Our copies arrived in the mail and of course it turned in to another mini photo shoot! We even had a live session on Instagram! Did you see us live? It was lots of fun!

  • Photo Experiences

July has been a month full of variety and creativity when it comes to our photo experiences. As well as our Face of the Month for July which had a winter theme we had the Face of August which we did the photo session for during July. We met two delightful young girls who showcased their favourite eras of fashion ‘70’s, 80’s, and 90’s! We also had the beautiful Miss M take part in the “Model for a Day” experience and Miss A came to update her model portfolio.

Model For A Day

Model For A Day

We were treated to some amazing dance sessions this month with several solo and group dance experiences as well as a Family photo experience and a Fine Art Experience with a Fantasy feel.

Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update

The weather was glorious for Emi’s portfolio update and we captured some awesome moments! We missed out on using the dress she ordered as it had not arrived so when she came back for her reveal and select session we did a mini photo experience and she looked amazing. Emi was really not very well that day but she still worked like a true professional.

We also had a chance to work on a photo experience with 5 of our 7 ambassadors ….. sssshhhhh!…. I can’t tell you about that – it’s a secret – watch this space and I will tell you all about it in the next newsletter!!!

A Passion For Dance

A Passion For Dance – Riley, Alex and Jordan – one of their amazing dance sets

If we can help you with any of your photography needs please contact me.

If you would like more information on anything you have read about today give me a call, email me or go through our contact page.

Capturing Life’s Moments, Creating Memories



📞 0481 190 163




Christmas Photo Experience

Presents Under the Christmas Tree

Are you ready for Christmas? Presents wrapped, cards written, Christmas tree decorated? Christmas is only four and a half weeks away so if you are not quite as organised as you planned why not let GT Studios take some of the stress and pressure from you and let you enjoy the “Festive Season”.

We have one more day available for Christmas Photo Experiences in our Winter Wonderland Christmas Nook. If you are free on Saturday the 3rd of December we would love to help make your Christmas a very special occasion by creating some beautiful personalised Christmas Greetings cards or Framed images for you to give as gifts. We still have sessions available in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Christmas Photo Experience

Christmas Photo Experience

The photo experience runs for 30 to 45 minutes with several Christmas props to choose from. We also have a range of children’s clothes (6 months to 12 years) which you might like to choose from or you can choose to bring your own special outfit.

The investment for you is $200 plus the cost of your order which could be as little as $2 per modern flat personalised Christmas Card or $3.50 per traditional folded personalised Christmas Card! Framed images come in a range of sizes and costs to suit your budget too. All orders will be delivered by the 18th of December.

Christmas Photo Experience

Christmas Photo Experience

Lots of people like a “mini-session” as their first experience with us and this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

If you would like to book a session you can contact Karen or Graham with a time that suits you and we will confirm the availability.


Pretty girl and Christmas tree

Christmas Photo Experience

It is not too late to book your 2016 Christmas Photo Experience in the GT Studios Winter Wonderland Christmas Nook!

Pretty girl and Christmas tree

Pretty girl and Christmas tree

If you would like a set of images to use for your personalised Christmas Greetings Cards or printed and framed gifts for those special people in your life this year we can help you create the perfect look. We have a snow filled room with over 1,000 fairy lights! A Christmas tree which is decorated in purple and gold or red and gold depending on your chosen theme. If you choose a package where you change your outfit you can have both Christmas tree themes in the one experience! We also have a range of Party dresses for little girls aged from 6 months to 12 years to use if they would like to dress in something other than their own clothes.

Baby in front of Christmas tree

Baby in front of Christmas tree

Contact Karen or Graham for available dates but don’t delay – it’s only 5 weeks until Christmas and there are limited sessions.

Golden Glow

Capturing Life’s Moments

I love this image. It was a moment captured towards the end of the day. Patiently waiting for her sisters to join her. It just goes to show that not every image has to be posed or smiling or looking at the camera!

When you join GT Studios for a photo experience we try to capture formal and informal moments. We know that every moment in life becomes a memory but some memories are worth capturing!

The real pleasure for us is when we see these wonderful moments printed and framed so that they become a part of daily life. It’s such a thrill to see an image on a clients wall in the entrance hall, lounge or other special spot welcoming guests in to their home!

If you would like to have your memories captured and then see them become beautiful works of art be sure to contact us to help plan your photo experience. Life doesn’t wait for us to make memories, life is an ongoing memory that fades over time unless we actively record it in some way. Let GT Studios capture your memories and make them in to life’s moments so that you have them for the future.

Golden Glow

Golden Glow


Something a little extra for the Market!

This Sunday GT Studios will have a stall at the POP Market at Hahndorf. We will have all our usual products available – greetings cards, matted prints, and matted and framed prints as well as a large acrylic panorama.


We will also be happy to discuss our Photo Sessions. This Sunday will be the perfect time to plan your Christmas Photo Session before it is too late!

Merry Christmas

For the first time this year GT Studios will also have a selection of Blue Pearl Girl Design Jewelry for purchase. There will be necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings all handcrafted in South Australia. They will feature Swarovski Crystal, Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearl, glass, shell, and other medium in a variety of colours. Perfect gift ideas for Christmas. Please click on the images to see them in a better resolution!

We would love to see you on Sunday. If you decide to pop out for a drive this weekend make it up the freeway to Hahndorf – come to the POP Market in the Hahndorf Institute and make sure you come and say hello!

Winter sun on the homestead ruins

Days Gone By…..

Graham and I were fortunate to be offered a wonderful photo opportunity a couple of weeks ago. We were invited to take photos of some ruins on a property north of Adelaide. Here are a the first 5 photos from the shoot….

Memories Escaping

Memories Escaping

Return to Nature

Return to Nature

Standing Tall

Standing Tall

The View Beyond

The View Beyond

Winter sun on the homestead ruins

Winter sun on the homestead ruins

All of the photos will be available to view in the landscape gallery in the next few weeks. They will be available to purchase, as prints, both framed or unframed without watermarks in various sizes. Please contact us for more details.

best printed in a 4x3 aspect ratio

Iceland – A land of contrast

Eurovision spoiler alert – Iceland didn’t make it to the finals. I guess that means they won’t be hosting Eurovision next year and I won’t be using that as my excuse to get back to Iceland soon!

Best printed in 4x3 aspect ratio

Gullfoss – Golden Falls- Iceland

Iceland is an amazing country – worthy of more than one visit. Graham and I were lucky enough to spend some time there last October. It is truly a land of fire and ice. Made from volcanoes and their lava fields, black beaches, glaciers and waterfalls. The scenery was incredible. The people are friendly and the food was delicious.

Best printed in 3x4 aspect ratio

Volcanoes and Lava Fields – Iceland

We were even lucky enough to get a glimpse of “The Northern Lights” – an awesome experience – well worth standing outside in the cold dark middle of no-where! (images of this and glaciers in a future blog post!)

Best printed in 4x3 aspect ratio

Langoustine Lunch – The Red House Restaurant – Rauða Húsið Restaurant Eyrarbakki, Iceland

Best printed in 4x3 aspect ratio

Chocolate Lava Cake – the best I have ever tasted! – The Red House Restaurant – Rauða Húsið Restaurant Eyrarbakki, Iceland

We were on a photography tour so, as you can imagine, we took a lot of photos – we will over time get our favourites into an Iceland gallery here on the Gallery page

Best printed in 2x3 (4x6) aspect ratio

A taste of Europe!

The theme for the blog post today has to be Eurovision – I’m afraid I am a Eurovision tragic!! I love it! One day I will be there to soak it all in, take photos of all the contestants, and surround myself in the culture…..

Back to reality – what I can do is post some of our images of some of the participating countries. Starting with a couple of images from the host country for this year – Sweden.

best printed in 2x3 (4x6) aspect ratio

Street view – Stockholm

I am late with today’s post because I had to watch the first semi-final. I won’t mention who got through to the finals – I will say I was mostly happy with the results. Austria competed in the first semi-final. Here are some images from Austria –

Best printed in 2x3 (4x6) aspect ratio

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music! Austria

It is Eurovision when all said and done! Really had to post this image today.

Best printed in 2x3 (4x6) aspect ratio

St Moritz in the distance, Austria

est printed at 2x3 (4x6) aspect ratio

The train station at Oberalppass, Austria

These images are not in the galleries yet but they will be by the weekend! Stay tuned for more European flavoured posts…..

Best printed in a 4x3 aspect ratio

The Golden Hour

I love taking photos late in the afternoon, especially in Autumn, when that magical golden glow appears and makes everything look so beautiful! It has the ability to transport you to a different time and place with just a little imagination!

Best printed in a 4x3 aspect ratio

Autumn Glow

These images are now in the landscape gallery for purchase.

From Egypt to the Amazon

There have been some new additions to the Flower Gallery! We have traveled from Egypt with the exotic Blue Egyptian Water Lily to the Amazon!  You will now find some images of the beautiful Amazonian Lily – also known as the The Amazon Water Lily or Victoria amazonica waterlily. It is found in the backwaters of South America’s Amazon River. Also known as the Giant Water Lily, the flower only blooms for 2 days – brilliant white on day one then a pink to purple on day two before it disappears below the water. Check out the Flower Gallery for more images.