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Where Passion and Potential Collide Fundraising Concert

Thank you for coming to the “Where Passion and Potential Collide” concert.

We will be announcing the amount raised in a few days – we are waiting on the last few bits of income so we can provide an accurate result.

Thank you to the concert Sponsors

The financial support of the 5 sponsoring businesses was very gratefully received, and helped to make the concert a success. Specific thanks to:

Whip-it-up Cake Supplies

Hissey Electrical Contractors

Chicque Boutique Dress Hire

ACE Business Services

Endota Spa Modbury

GT Studios

Thank you to the raffle prize providers

Basket of goodies – Birks Chemist

Bottles of wine / champagne – My Vo

All sorts of goodies – pampering packages – Priceline Pharmacy Gilles Plains

Double pass to an upcoming pantomime – Parks Theatre

Double pass to Goolwa Air Show – Kelly Trethewey

Gel-Glo Candles – Gel-Glo Candles (stall holder)

Other stuff – GT Studios

Sorry if I missed anyone – let me know!

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time to help in the lead-up to, during, and after the concert – including but not limited to:

The GT Studios Ambassadors for painting and modelling clothes, painting tote bags and making accessories, and serving the interval nibbles.

Ambassador’s Mums & Dads for bringing the ambassadors to and from events

The Reids for hosting the painting events, for manning the bar and for preparing the savory food items, and Tiana Magin for helping behind the bar

Kirsten Reid for providing a set of outfits for a fashion parade and hosting fittings

Maria from MariePrints for providing accessories and outfits for the fashion parades, and hosting a fitting

Nichole Binetti for supplying cup cakes, and Mary Wroe for supplying profiteroles.

Everyone from Gawler Academy of Dance for their awesome performances

LeRone, Millicent, Mia, Tahlia, Rissie, Zoe, Amy, Sakina and TUC for their performances

Franca Hissey for green-room wrangling

Jenna Hudson for MCing the concert

Gemma Tompkins for hair & makeup

Kerrie Donovan for running Tea and Coffee

Mandy and her sister for helping clean the hall after the concert.

All the stall-holders for adding a load of extra atmosphere

Without you all the event would have been missing vital components – so thank you all!

Where passion and potential collide!

We understand that chasing your dream costs more than sweat and tears. Through Mostly Girls Magazine we hope to raise funds and uncover potential for some worthy emerging artists.

How can I donate to Mostly Girls Magazine’s grants for emerging artists?

Talk to Karen or Graham about how you can help emerging artists further their careers.

What is Mostly Girls Magazine?

Mostly Girls Magazine is a print and digital magazine. It features members of the Arts community of many varieties, and includes interviews and educational content from and for members of the Arts community. Mostly Girls Magazine has a particular focus on younger, emerging artists who are not yet well established, with the intention of providing a means of enhancing their exposure to other arts community members leading to improved opportunities for growth.

It’s called Mostly Girls Magazine mainly because most of the artists that the publishers have had dealings with have been female, and all the other names we wanted to use had already been taken! It is not gender exclusive – anyone may feature.

Can I be featured in Mostly Girls Magazine?

Mostly Girls Magazine is looking for feature stories and photos from artists and emerging artists. We will require professional quality images and quality text; if you already have this, please discuss your submission with Karen. If you need to create images showing your art, we would like to suggest you book a session with GT Studios Photography, who will be happy to assist. There will be a fee for submission, but this will go towards the grant fund raising effort.

What is Mostly Girls Magazine’s objective?

Mostly Girls Magazine will raise funds to provide a grant to a worthy recipient using funds from the following sources

  • sales of the magazine
  • magazine article submission fees
  • donations from the community and friends of the magazine
  • advertising revenue from within the magazine
  • part-proceeds from photoshoots via GT Studios Photography

Why should you receive a grant?

The publishers of Mostly Girls Magazine will review each of the grant applications, and based on the applicants merit will decide who the recipient(s) will be. You’ll need to have considered the following points in your application.

  • What makes you special or distinct from all other applicants?
  • What makes you deserving of financial support?
  • What “art” is it that you should be supported in?
  • What is the specific item or activity that needs to be funded?
  • How much ($) you need for your activity or item
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your art – how have you practiced or demonstrated your excellence – or potential – in your craft.

Who can apply?

Just about anyone – as long as they are:

  • an emerging artist – i.e. not an already well-established practitioner of their art
  • associated with “the arts” – dancers / musicians / singers / actors / fashion designers / set designers / hair and makeup artists (HMU) / models – etc. – this is not an exhaustive list.
  • prepared to be featured in an upcoming issue of, and on social media associated with Mostly Girls Magazine.

If you are a “professional” in your art then it is less likely that you will be considered as we are mainly looking for unpaid artists who need assistance to continue their journey – however – if your case is compelling and you fit the other criteria, feel free to apply.

Can boys apply?

Absolutely! If you’re a talented male with passion for your art, you are just as eligible as a girl.

How to apply for a grant

Applications are now closed.

You need to contact Karen at GT Studios Photography – dm via Instagram, pm via Facebook messenger, or email – links on the contact page. Re-read the Why You Should Receive a Grant section above for the type of information you’ll want to include – along with your name and some form of contact details (Instagram ID / Facebook ID / email address) Then, based on the above, be creative and prepare your own application.

Grant application closing date

Applications for consideration for a grant closed on 15 September 2019

Help us raise funds for emerging artists via a digital and print magazine. For more info contact GT Studios now.


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