May Snapshot with GT Studios Photography

This Month:

Welcome to the GT Studios May Snapshot. A chance to keep all of our wonderful GT Studios People – clients, models, collaborators, and friends up to date with the latest news and happenings. If you know someone who would enjoy reading this newsletter please share it with them and suggest that they subscribe to it!

We have had an amazing month – I hope you have also! As well as our regular photo experiences we have had a chance to be involved in some really thought provoking work. On the 6th of May we finished a fun photo experience by spending some time taking photos to bring awareness to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. We worked with three incredibly committed and talented teenagers and produced a series of images which we shared across our social media platforms on White Shirt Day May 8th. You can read about it here or here. It’s not too late to donate. We are constantly impressed by the dedication we see in the young people that we work with.

White Shirt Day

White Shirt Day – Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

  • The Face of May

As I mentioned last month, we will be giving away a free photo experience every month for the Face of the Month Project. We announced the theme for the Face of July on our Instagram account last week and also put out an update on the blog with some important dates. We have had an awesome response – there is only one week left to enter so what are you waiting for??!!

Face of the Month

Face of May – Courtney – Quirky but Cool – Science

For our Face of May we were looking for Geeky and Nerdy, Quirky but Cool and we had lots of applications. I was amazed to see so many teenagers confess to being geeky but then I was reminded that it is actually cool to be nerdy now. Look at the people who own some of the most successful companies in the world. Some of the richest people in the world, some of the most compassionate and giving people in the world. Not the cool trendy ones but the science geeks, inventors, researchers and innovators so I was given hope that we have so many young followers that might have aspirations to be in that group of society.

Face of May - Courtney - Science Experiment!

Face of May – Courtney – Science Experiment!

Courtney told me in her application that she was a huge “Stranger Things” fan and was lucky enough to meet Millie Bobby Brown – one of the main actors in the show. This has inspired her to think about acting. Courtney also loves science experiments, Lego and baking. She loved to sit and look at the stars too and imagine what could be out there! This made me think that we could get some dynamic images with her acting out several quirky but cool scenes. We would definitely rely on Courtney’s acting skills but after announcing her as the winner and having a very long conversation carefully planning each set I was pretty sure she was up for the job.

Face of the Month - Courtney - Golden Hour

Face of the Month – Courtney – Golden Hour

Some things we learnt about Courtney were that her favourite colour is pink or aqua so we made sure that we captured some nice images with these tones – most girls hope for a golden hour image with a floral crown so pink flowers were on the list. Holidays to Bali and a future trip to Bora Bora are high on Courtney’s list of likes as she loves the beach. We also found out that Courtney would like to be a midwife when she leaves school. Perhaps it was a sign that she ended up wearing my old uniform from a previous life when I was a Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife when she did the Science Photo set!

Face of May - Courtney - Baking has never been so much fun!!

Face of May – Courtney – Baking has never been so much fun!!

Courtney stepped up to the challenge with every set that we asked of her. Whether it was in her own clothes or something from our wardrobe, playing with dry ice or sieving flour, playing with lego, reading fantasy books or looking through a telescope or a microscope she took it all in her stride. Was she worried about what her friends would say – I think so – did that stop her – no! She has a great outlook on life and in the end she just enjoyed the experience! Thank you Courtney for being brave enough to stand out in the crowd!

National Publications

Oh my goodness – we have had another amazing month for features in magazines. Published in digital and print we have had four girls featured in Madison Fashion Magazine with at least 2 images each and one of them has had a very busy month being featured in an international magazine Brand Model Magazine. Congratulations again to Graham on the beautiful photography and of course our congratulations go to our 4 beautiful GT Studios Ambassadors Jordan (2 magazines this month), Jemma, Maddy and Miki.



Product Review

This month’s product review is the timeless signature art Folio Box. Your heart and soul are captured and your memories are protected in this stunning heirloom for you to enjoy for years to come.

Each folio box comes in oatmeal or black linen and starts with 4 of your favourite 20x25cm prints on a 28×35.5cm backing and the box can hold up to 12 prints!

This is such a lovely idea if you are short on wall space – your prints can be stored safely and you can choose which one you want to display on any given day – if you order 8 or more images we will gift an easel for you to display your print – no need for a frame!

You can choose from three different styles to suit your taste:

  • Traditional
  • Elegant and Modern
  • Torn-edge

We have found this to be an incredibly popular product and is one of our best sellers.

Folio Box

The Signature Art Folio Box – a timeless heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come



We have had an increasing amount of queries about photography and modelling this year and we have decided that it is time to launch our workshop programme. If you are interested in attending a workshop and would like to know more please contact me. If you have topics you would like included in the programme let me know as soon as possible as we are preparing the programme currently.

We will also be offering one on one tuition for those who would rather not work in a group setting.


Face of July

Next Month:

  • Workshops – local and regional areas – do you want us to visit you? If so give me a call so we can add your location to our travel list.
  • New Experiences on offer – Diva, A little often – more on these soon!
  • Latest products on offer – The Teegan – you will want this on your wall!
  • The Click – our exclusive club for girls who have attended photography experiences or workshops with GT Studios – ask me about this exciting opportunity!

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